Rabbit saved by pineapple juice

Last updated at 13:41

A very poorly pet rabbit has made a remarkable recovery thanks to pineapple juice!

Vets saved Finbar's life by giving him the fruity juice as a last resort to remove a giant fur ball inside his stomach.

Finbar's owners knew something was wrong after he suddenly stopped eating and drinking, and seemed sleepy.

Vets at a pet hospital in Glasgow thought something might be wrong with Finbar's intestines, so they prescribed drugs and liquid feeding at home to try and help him.

When Finbar didn't get any better the vets decided to x-ray his intestines. They found the biggest hairball staff at the hospital have ever seen. It filled his entire stomach.

In a last attempt to make Finbar better the vets gave him pineapple juice, which is thought to break down the fibres that hold hair together, and he's now made a full recovery!