Dhaka rescuers try to reach nine trapped in rubble

Last updated at 08:19
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Rescuers are working to try and save about nine people trapped in the wreckage of a collapsed factory in Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka.

Water and food are being dropped through gaps in the rubble.

On Sunday, two more people were pulled alive from the remains of the building, with a total of 29 rescued on Saturday.

More than 350 people died after the eight-storey Rana Plaza building collapsed on Wednesday.

It's thought the owner of the Rana Plaza had gone into hiding after the disaster but Bangladesh's government announced on Sunday that he had been arrested.

Police have so far arrested three other garment factory owners and two engineers in connection with the collapse.

Police said they had ordered an evacuation of the building on Tuesday after cracks appeared, but that the factories ignored them and were operating the next day.


The disaster has led to angry protests in Bangladesh against poor building safety standards.

Thousands of Bangladeshis took to the streets of Dhaka to demonstrate, insisting that the factory owners be arrested and that the government work to improve conditions for workers.

Bangladesh has one of the largest clothes-making industries in the world, providing cheap clothing for many big shops across the world.

But the industry has been widely criticised for its low pay and the sometimes dangerous conditions faced by workers in overcrowded factories.