What gift would you give to US President Obama?

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Obama family

A china tea set, a dog toy, and signed photos of the Queen - all gifts given to US President Barack Obama in 2011.

They weren't on his Christmas list, but rather brought to the White House by leaders of other countries.

The newly published list of Presidential presents includes silver bracelets given by UK Prime Minister David Cameron to President Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Traditionally though, the President doesn't get to hold on to the gifts.

Instead, they are usually kept in the US National Archives.

Obama gift
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny gave President Obama a bowl filled with traditional shamrocks.

Presidential presents

Queen Elizabeth II gave Mr Obama a red leather-bound book entitled A Selection of Papers From the Royal Archives 1834-1897.

For First Lady Michelle Obama she gave a brooch with gold leaves and coral flowers.

Prince Charles gave the Obamas a 15-piece china tea set.

As well as the silver bracelets, Prime Minister David Cameron gave the family a large tapestry with an eagle and American flag design, and a "bone-shaped chew toy with United Kingdom flag", presumably for Bo, the family's four-year-old dog.

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We asked you what you'd give the Obamas - and why?

"I would give him a big portrait of himself to see how good he might look!"

Leroy, London,

"I would make little cupcakes with the American flag on and a picture of his family."

Mollie, Southampton

"I would give him bangers and mash (an English tradition) then I would take him back in time to the London 2012 Olympics. But first I would have to find a time machine :)"

Joy, Longwick

"I would give him a set of footballs. Each one with the crest of all the UK football teams."

Charlotte, Liverpool

"I would give Mr Obama a leprechaun cuddly toy so maybe he'd visit me in Ireland."

Daniel, Dublin, Ireland

"I would give him a giant model of the White House made from cheese."

Balaji, Walthamstow

"I would give him a personal tour on the Isle of Wight."

Nathan, Isle of Wight

"I would give him a box set of all the best-selling American authors' books."

Alice, Surrey, England

"I would give him a new pair of trainers so he can for a run and go to the gym."

Casey, Doncaster, England

"I would give Barack Obama fish and chips and some gravy, so he gets a taste of Britain."

Nafees, Halifax, England

"I would give President Obama a big tray of cupcakes with the American flag on them."

Iris, Ryde, England

"I would get him a kilt, so he could come to Scotland and wear it!"

Ishbel, Dundee, Scotland

"I would give President Obama a swimming pool with 10 slides and a 10 metre diving board!"

Sophie, Staines, England

"I would give him a mini figure of himself that talks back."

Charlotte, London, England

"I would give him a miniature White House with a pop-up of himself and his family!"

Hannah, London, England

"I would give Obama a big book with all the British things on it like fish and chips, castles, and well known authors."

Katrin, Chatham, England

"I'd send him a singing tie, seeing as he always wears ties!"

Laura, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I would give President Barack Obama doughnuts because all Americans love them and so do I!"

Daniel, Worcestershire, England

"I would give Barack Obama a silk tie with a Welsh dragon on it, and maybe one day he can come and visit me in Wales!"

Mollie, Cardiff, Wales

"I would like to give him a haggis for his dinner to taste our Scottish culture."

Jaymilee, Scotland

"I would give the President a tree that signifies England to plant in the White House garden from seed. As the tree grows so does our bond with America."

Holly, Leeds, England

"I would get him a holiday to Mexico."

Joshua, Caldecott, England

"I would give him something to do with his dog - maybe a dog jacket!"

Amy, Northampton, England

"I would give him a British mug and an 'I love Britain' top."

Elena, Ireland

"I would give President Obama a giant flag with all the names of the states of America on it."

Joely, Brussels, Belgium