Forget the vuvuzela - Brazil 2014 unveil the caxirola

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Ricky reports on the new instrument...

Remember the vuvuzela? For many footy fans, the loud drone made by the noisy horns was the sound of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Now, organisers of the next World Cup in Brazil have come up with their own trademark musical instrument.

The caxirola is similar to a maraca, made of recycled plastic and full of seeds and pellets.

The yellow and green instruments will be sold to fans at World Cup matches in 2014.

Watch Ricky's report to find out more!

Your comments

"I think that Caxirola are much better because they are like musical instruments."

Holly, Manchester, England

"I think they should combine them both to create a Vuvirola."

William, Bristol, England

"I think the Vuvuzela is better than the Caxirola because the Caxirola is very quiet and the teams might not be able to hear the sound"

Ali, London, England

"I think the Vuvuzela's better because they have a better sound."

Thomas, Norwich, Norfolk

"I think that the Vuvuzela is better because it makes lots of noise and is a very catchy sound.

Georgina, Oxfordshire, England

"I think that the Vuvuzela is so much better it was fun. The Caxirola will not catch on as it is just like maracas and is boring."

Evie, Northwood, England

"I think the Caxirola is better because it is quieter. The Vuvuzela it is really loud and the Caxirola is small so you could fit them in your pocket."

Ellie, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think that the Vuvuzela is still the best in shape and sound. Another thing is that is doesn't really copy anything else the Caxirola is just like a replica of a maraca but smaller and shaped differently. Either way we will just have to see in 2014 then we will know! :)

Jemima, Birmingham, England