JLS announce they are splitting up after final tour

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Get ready to wipe those tears away, JLS have announced they are splitting up after five years together.

The group, who found fame on The X Factor, will go their separate ways later this year following a farewell tour and greatest hits album.

"It's just that time. We are still best of friends and always will be - but this is the end," Aston said.

"The last five years have been nothing short of incredible," added Marvin.

The boys shot to fame in 2008, when they finished second to Alexandra Burke in the X Factor final.

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Marvin, who is having a baby with The Saturdays singer Rochelle said: "We are the first X Factor act to finish a five-year recording contract. If we wanted to carry on and sign to another label, it was going to be another three, four or five albums.

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Amelia Lily "gutted" JLS have split

"So we all thought about it for a few months and it sort of made sense to say we were moving on with our lives."

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Celeb reaction

As the news spread celebs and fans reacted to the announcement.

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson said on Twitter that he was sorry to hear about the end of his fellow boy band. "Sad to hear about JLS. Wish them all the best of luck in what they go on to do," he said.

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who's recovering from throat surgery, tweeted: "Sad to hear about JLS. Some of the nicest guys in the business. Good luck to them all in the future!"

Singer Marcus Collins said: "Can't believe it! I'm devastated."

We asked you how you felt about the split - and hundreds of you got in touch. Here's some of your comments - we're really sorry we couldn't publish them all!

Your comments

"Many bands split up after a while...but five years! That's nothing! I am not their biggest fan but I know people who are and they are heartbroken! I was really shocked when I found out though!"

Amaya, Bristol, England

"I absolutely love JLS. I can't believe they are splitting up it is so sad. But my mum is taking me to their goodbye tour in December at the O2 arena for my birthday. After all i still have my DVDs, CDs and posters so i'll never forget them. I told my mum they might get back together like take that did. all the girls and i were crying at school."

Katie, Uckfield, England

"I love JLS I am so sad their splitting up but wish them all the best with their new jobs :( 5 years is long but I think they should be together for 1oo years!!!!!!!!!"

Caitie, Nottingham, England

"I am very upset and I can't believe that the last time I go to their concert and buy their album will be in December, PLEASE DON'T BREAK UP!!!!!!!!!"

Jodie, Sunderland, England

"I am kind of glad that they split up, because they were not that good. They can not call themselves a 'boy band' after 5 years."

Henry, Colchester, England

"I really cant believe this! I didn't realise how bad this is. JLS got me into boy bands i probably wouldn't like One Direction if it wasn't for JLS!!!!!!"

Olivia, Derbyshire, England

"I think there splitting up because of One Direction. 1D are taking the top spot for best boy band."

Ryan, Coalsnaughton, Scotland

"They are one of the best boy bands ever. I will miss them lots but I wish the best of luck to Marvin and the other boys for the future :) Good Luck!"

Lola, Huddersfield, England

"I hate that their splitting up. I love them but now they are not together I don't like them as much."

Maddi, Boston, USA

"I am happy because I have never actually liked them, but one of my friends is upset. It could be because Marvin has a wife who is having a baby soon. Anyway, I love 1D but it is still sad that a boyband have broken up."

Isabel, Sheffield, England

"I am really gutted that JLS are splitting up because they have been my favourite band to come off the X Factor. They are better than One Direction but not by far."

Shannon, Forres, Scotland

"I got a text from my friend telling me and I thought she was joking. I didn't think the best boy band in the world would split. I'm one of their biggest fans and I love them to pieces."

Amy, Chester, England

"Absolutely devastated that JLS have broken up - loved them to pieces. Why are they splitting up? Whatever happens good luck in the future boys."

Sasha, Knutsford, England

"JLS is a very good band but I think it is good for Marvin because he will need to look after his baby."

Lola, Nottingham, England

"People said my brother looked like Marvin. I am deeply devastated they are breaking up but what incredible years they've had together. I will miss them!"

Prechous, Wolverhampton, England

"I am devastated but at least One Direction are not splitting up."

Maryam, Birmingham, England

"I'm so sad they are splitting up. I was crying today. The last time I will see them is in December at their concert - but why are they splitting up?"

Philippa, Leeds, England

"I love JLS so much, I am so devastated!"

Fabian, Norwich, England

"I cried when I found out because I'm a really big fan! I know that all groups break up eventually, but THEM. It's so hard to believe!"

Aisha, Leicester, England

"Why, why!? They were such a great boy band for over six years why break up now? My heroes are gone. Let's hope they reform the group."

Jessica, Barking, England

"Very upset about the separation of JLS. I wish them all the best of luck with the future and hope they carry on to be successful alone."

Jordan, Bacup, England

"I'm so upset that JLS have come to an end. I've been a fan from the beginning and now it feels as if it has all been a waste. I still love my boys to pieces and always will. They'll always be JLS to me in whatever they do."

Kasha, Luton, England

"I don't care that they've split up. Everyone go listen to One Direction's songs because they're hot and perfect and 100,000,000 times better! Sad to hear about the bad news but oh well."

Emily, Leeds, England

"I used to love JLS, it's a shame that they are splitting because they all work hard and write amazing songs. I hope they will still be friends but I like One Direction more now."

Evie, Surrey, England

"Typical - made their money and now they're off. They seemed to try so hard to become a boy band only to give it up after 5 years."

Amanda, Ashford, England

"My sister is really upset that JLS are splitting up because she was so crazy about them I am shocked that they are splitting up even though I did not like them. "

Hannah, Bournemouth, England

"I am not so keen on JLS so I don't really mind if they split up. They haven't had any number 1s in the charts lately. I think Aston will go solo because he is the strongest vocalist."

Lara, Devon, England

"I'm so sad to hear about the split of my favourite boy band :( I have been supporting them since they were in X-Factor and I have been to their tours and met them a total of 5 times. Can't believe I'm only going to see them one more time on tour."

Kayleigh, Glasgow, Scotland

"Absolutely gutted! I haven't stopped crying since I found out I can't breathe. I support them fully in what they choose to do next but I'm totally heartbroken. I always knew it would hurt but didn't ever know it could hurt so much. Right now it feels like my heart won't beat again! I love JLS and always will together, or alone they are my boys and always will be forever and ever!!!"

Kirstie, Birmingham, England

"No offence to any fans but JLS were starting to get annoying anyway."

Amelia, Burnley, England

"Oh my days!!! They were the best thing that ever happened to me! Now I don't know what to do?!"

Fion, Newport, Wales

"I am devastated that JLS are breaking up, they were my favourite boy band. I am so upset! :( Goodbye JLS!"

Jade, England

"I think its time for them to move on, five years is a long time and they should be proud of what they have done during this time."

Grace, London, England

"I'm not particularly affected by the split but I do think they were incredibly brave to split. Instead of clinging on to fame they moved on to better things and I think that is truly inspiring."

Katie, Manchester, England

"I don't think JLS should split up, they not an old band and people are still huge fans of them, but if they think it's best then it obviously is for them."

Cara, Glasgow, Scotland

"I am very upset about JLS splitting up as I am one of their biggest fans. I wish they wouldn't split up because all of us fans will miss them."

Grace, Leicester, England

"I am personally pleased to hear they have broken up as I do not like their music, although I understand that they had many fans who will be sad to hear this."

Kate, South Wales

"It's a shame they are splitting up because they've done so well. I don't think that they should split up because they all work hard and write amazing songs, I hope they become solo artists!"

Daniel, Worcestershire, England

"I am devastated about them splitting up! They were the very first people I went to see in concert! I will miss them lots!"

Lily, Essex, England

"I gasped when I heard about it! I do not believe they are splitting up! I feel very upset, I was not a big fan of them but they have been a group since I was about five and my friends love them; bye bye JLS!"

Bethan, Cardiff, Wales

"I'm shocked! JLS were the boy band that nobody could ever forget! They have been famous for many years and I am sure they will never be forgotten!"

Rowan, Bromyard, England

"I am devastated to see the boys split up. My room is literally plastered with their posters, however I wish them all the best for the rest of their lives and it has been such an amazing journey for them, I will never forget them!"

Leah, Cambridgeshire, England.

"I am very sad about JLS splitting up but wish them all the best. I will always remember them for their GREAT songs."

Alex, London, England

"I was shocked to hear that JLS are splitting up because they are one of the best boybands ever and I will miss them lots!"

Lily, Hampshire, England

"Why are they splitting up? They have been together for five years, that's not long enough!

Katie and Emily, Wiltshire, England