UK's 'oldest oak tree', Pontfadog Oak blows over

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UK's 'oldest' oak tree is blown over - watch Martin's report

A 1,200-year-old oak tree, thought to be the UK's oldest, has been blown over by the recent strong winds.

The Pontfadog Oak had been growing near Chirk in Wrexham, north Wales, since the year 802!

But gusts of around 60mph overnight on Wednesday toppled the old oak, with locals reporting an "almighty crash and a bang".

Its trunk measured nearly 13m around, was hollow and was big enough to fit six people sat around a table!

The Pontfadog Oak before it was blown over
The Pontfadog Oak before it was blown over

The tree is believed to have been a point for Welsh princes to rally their troops.

Tree hunter Rob McBride, who measures trees and records them, said there was talk of trying to put the tree back up: "they would have to take the top off and then re-erect it, which can be done."

The Woodland Trust said that better protection is needed for ancient trees.