Sir Chris Hoy announces retirement from cycling

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Sir Chris Hoy on his retirement from cycling

Olympic cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy has announced his retirement from the sport.

Hoy is Britain's most successful Olympian, having pedalled his way to six Olympic golds. That's not to mention his 11 world titles!

He's quitting cycling immediately, meaning he won't be competing in next year's Commonwealth Games.

"I don't want it to be a sad moment, I want to celebrate it and it to be happy," he said.

Sir Chris Hoy's career in pictures

The Scot revealed the widely expected news at a conference in Edinburgh on Thursday.

He added: "It's not that I'm frightened of losing, it's just that I feel like I can't ask for anymore.

"I've done the very best I can and I've had an amazing career and I've got so many people to be thankful for that. But I think this is the end of it."

Have you been inspired by Sir Chris Hoy?

Did Sir Chris Hoy inspire you to start cycling? Have any other Olympic or Paralympic athletes inspired you to take up a sport or follow your dreams? Let us know!

This chat page is now closed, but get this - Chris Hoy tweeted Ricky about it, saying: "That's awesome! Thanks!"

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Two Team GB youth cyclists on Sir Chris Hoy

Your comments

"Chris Hoy has been a true inspiration. He has certainly made me more active and he has made me more determined to do something I've set out to do. He will be greatly missed in cycling!"

James, Daventry, England

"Chris Hoy is and inspiration to Scottish people all over the country. He has inspired me to never give up on your dreams and do what you do best."

Nathan, Glasgow, Scotland

"Chris Hoy has inspired me to follow my dreams and never give up. Now when I am challenged, I think: if he can do it, so can I. It's sad to see him go but he will be leaving with pride and dignity, and we will all remember him greatly."

Callie, Amble, England

"Although it is sad to see him retiring, he has inspired me to cycle more."

Anna, County Down, Northern Ireland

"Chris Hoy has inspired me because I used to get scared of riding bikes in front of people in case I did something wrong or fell off."

Daniel, Worcester, England

"I think Sir Chris is very inspirational and he has inspired lots of the younger generation to take up cycling. He has had a brilliant, successful career with loads of highlights and I think he decided to stop at the right time."

Mia, Lancashire, England

"He has inspired me to be more fit."

Amy, London, England

"Chris Hoy is a great inspiration to me and many people, and inspires kids to ride a bike."

Rebecca, Bolton, England

"He has inspired me to never give up and when you work hard you can go above and beyond expectations. He is a great role model for us and he should be very proud of himself. Well done, Sir Chris Hoy!!!"

Grace, London, England

"He inspired me to go out on the road with my dad."

Willow, Surrey, England

"It's sad to see him retiring, he inspired me to follow my dreams."

Brad, England

"Chris Hoy inspired me to start cycling. Before, I was scared of cycling because I was worried I would hurt myself."

Olivia, London, England

"He inspired me to raise money for Comic Relief by cycling. I raised £123!"

Leo, London, England

"Chris Hoy has really inspired me. I love riding my bike and try riding it at the park when the sun is out."

Matilda, Tunbridge Wells, England

"He has inspired me to cycle more as I now do more laps of my estate."

Suraj, Antrim, Northern Ireland