Lithuanian woman raises three puma cubs at home

Last updated at 16:59
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They're not your average house guests - three super cute puma cubs called Kipsas, Gipse and Kinde.

For the last four months, the young pumas have been hanging out at Lithuanian zoo volunteer Rasa Veliute's three-room apartment.

She decided to take them in after their mother neglected them at the zoo where Rasa worked.

Rasa says they eat a lot of chicken and get along well with her pet dog.

"(The pumas) eat in the morning, then play, they need to explore the environment, then eat and sleep. After sleep we play again, they are very busy," she said.

There is no Lithuanian law barring keeping such animals at home, and the zoo didn't object either.

The trio are growing up quickly though and Rasa reckons she'll probably return them to the zoo this summer.