How to avoid big charges in 'free' apps and games

Last updated at 14:11
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Leah speaks to technology blogger Tom Cheesewright...

Have you ever thought that an app was free, but it still ended up costing you or your parents a lot of money?

Web and phone apps that charge for extras and can run up huge bills are being investigated at the moment.

Newsround asked tech blogger Tom Cheesewright to give you some top tips to avoid unexpected charges:

1. Even free apps often have extras that cost.

Tell your parents about it - it's quite possible that you know more than they do.

2. You might know a password, but think twice about using it.

If you have to put in a password there's a good chance something is going to cost money.

3. Suggest to your parents that they might put some rules in place to prevent accidental spending - it's easy to do.

4. Games on tablets and smartphones can be a good thing to do together, not just on your own.

Until you're really confident with what you're doing, ask an adult to play along with you - they'll probably learn a lot, and enjoy it too!