Justin Bieber Twitter followers are '50% fake'

Last updated at 12:45
Justin Bieber performs at a concert in Dortmund, Germany

About half of Justin Bieber's followers on Twitter are fake, suggests a report looking at celeb's social media profiles.

The Canadian superstar has the most followers in the world after overtaking Lady Gaga last year.

But new research claims out of his 37.3 million followers, only 17.8 million are real accounts.

The website Socialbakers found 47% of the singer's followers on Twitter were genuine fans.

The company spots fake accounts by looking at the number of followers and seeing if genuine tweets have been posted, rather than spam.

It looks at what those accounts tweet about - and if they look like spam, they're considered fake.

The findings reckon that Bieber should drop back into second place behind Lady Gaga in the race for the most followers.

It suggests that after calculating Lady Gaga's potential share of fake followers, she still has 19 million real ones while the Biebster has over a million fewer.