Britain's Got Talent: What would your special talent be?

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Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Amanda Holden

We asked you what your talent would be if you had to audition for Britain's Got Talent.

We sent Ricky to London for the launch of the show, where he caught up with the judges and last year's winners Ashleigh and Pudsey.

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Your comments:

"My special talent would be to perform with my Jack Russell, Troubles."

Charlotte, Norwich, England

"My special talent would be ferret handling because I won first prize in a competition."

Shannon, Derby, England

"My talent is singing because my gran says I am really good."

Danielle, Dewsbury, England

"My special talent would be singing and ice skating at the same time because I'm good at both and if that didn't work out I would just sing lots of Jessie J songs because its what I enjoy doing."

Zara, Ormskirk, England

"I would dance to Michael Jackson's song Billie Jean and do the moonwalk!"

Keaton, West Midlands, England

"I would play my flute, now I am on grade 3."

Charlotte, England

"My talent is to be a master at origami. I have challenged my friends at school and it blew their minds."

Muhammed, Manchester, England

"If I were to perform on BGT I would show my football skills because I am really good at it. I am a tomboy."

Izzy, Manchester, England

"I would sing and play guitar because my friends are always asking me to play for them."

Jake, Banbury, England

"I have been told I am good at writing songs, so I suppose I would get someone to sing my songs. Or I would hula hoop as I'm good at that."

Leah, Pntypridd, Wales

"My talent would be tricks on my roller boots."

Jaiden, Stourbridge, England

"My special talent would be impressions. I think that is quite unique."

Aoife, Coventry, England

"I would sing I dreamed a dream."

Nandi, West Sussex, England

"If I could perform on BGT I would show the world my singing skills because I am in the school choir."

Jessica, Surrey, England

"My main talent is cooking but you can't do that so I would write a poem and read it."

Lauren, Derby, England

"I would sing, dance or do impressions. I wouldn't feel confident doing a dance act by myself so I would do it in a group of people my age."

Lucy, Lincoln, England

"My special talent would be dancing to Flo Rida like Aidan from Friday download."

Lauren, London, England

"I would probably do gymnastics and singing together, if it wasn't so hard."

Sana, Bradford, England

"I would do gymnastics, dancing or singing because my friends think I'm a really good singer and I am in a squad for gymnastics."

Eloise, Berkshire, England

"My talent is juggling."

Bob, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

"My talent is football."

Theo, Warwickshire, England

"I would do either Bollywood dancing or karate because they are the talents I love and do best!"

Ira, Newcastle, England

"My special talent is singing and dancing."

Amy, Preston, England

"I would sing because I sing for almost everything and all my friends say I'm really good."

Ellie, Nova Scotia, Canada

"My talent is to magically make all of the audience disappear and then the judges turn around and are astonished!"

Emilly, Jersey, England

"My talent is tap dancing."

Eva, Hove, England

"If I was to go on Britain's Got Talent then I would probably either sing one of my own songs that I have written or I would do a dance with my friends!"

Anouska, London, England

"I would probably do comedy because I can make my parents and my sister have a laughing fit!"

Kimberley, Lockerbie, Scotland

"My talent is being weird and singing."

Jack, Birmingham, England

"I would try to do some stand up comedy like Harry Hill or Peter Kay because it's easy and you just need to improvise."

Junaid, Lancashire, England

"Mine would be singing! I have recorded myself but my little brother deleted it of my phone and I sound like Adele. I even checked on YouTube for her singing voice."

Emma, North Yorkshire, England

"I would do tricks with my border collie Floyd."

Violet, Glasgow, Scotland

"If I could perform on BGT I would show the world my dancing skills. The type of dance I do is freestyle, however, I also like gymnastics."

Caitlen, Burnley, England

"My special talent would be singing because a lot of people in my school say I am an amazing singer."

Druscillor, Birmingham, England