Rio 2016 - Should skipping be an Olympic sport?

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Skipping - it's something you might do at break time, or to warm up for another sport, but could it be the new event at the next Olympics in Rio?

The first UK national skipping festival is due to be held in May with the aim to get it recognised as a sport at the next Olympics.

The International Olympics Committee are currently looking at adding extra events to the next Olympic games in Rio 2016 and are due to make their final decisions by August the 9th.

Golf and Rugby 7s have already joined the programme and it's thought that BMX freestyle and 3x3 basketball will be joining them.

Do you think skipping should be an Olympic event too? If not, are there any other sports you think should be included?

Your Comments:

"I think it should be, it could be judged like gymnastics!"

Sarah, London, England

"I think it would be really cool and amazing. It will also encourage other people to get involved. It is a very cheap sport - all you need is a rope which you could get at home."

Laveeza, Bradford, England

"I think it depends how you do it. If it's a race, then no, because that is easy. If it's doing tricks then maybe…"

Ira, Newcastle, England

"I don't think skipping should be an Olympic sport, but I think climbing should!"

Olivia, Sheffield

"I think skipping should be an Olympic sport because you have to be very skilled to skip - it's hard!"

Alex, Ashford, England

"I don't really think skipping should be an Olympic sport because you may have to concentrate on it, but it's not really challenging and nerve-wracking like diving and 100 metre hurdles."

Daniel, Doncaster, England

"Skipping is really hard to master and perfect, so I think skipping should become an Olympic sport because I would like to go and see it if it is."

Zahra, London, England

"No, I don`t think it should be an Olympic sport. You don`t put enough effort and energy into skipping for it to be an Olympic sport."

Bradley, Chesterfield, England

"I think skipping as an Olympic sport would be fun to watch at first but would get boring after a while... So no, I don't think it should be an Olympic sport."

Anna, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think it should because it's a fun activity and it's also good way of keeping fit."

Samira, Isle of Man

"I think it should be an Olympic sport because it is fun and very easy to do so everyone can have a try."

Fatima, Sherfield, England

"I love skipping - it should definitely be an Olympic sport because lots of people skip."

Megan, Didcot, England

"I don't think it should be an Olympic sport because there are many other sports that are better that aren't Olympic sports, and should be, but skipping is really just a warm up or a thing to do in the playground!"

Caitlin, England

"I think it should be an Olympic sport because you can do tricks while you skip."

Taylor, Kent, England

"I think it should be an Olympic sport because skipping is something quite easy to get the hang of so it would inspire young people to practise and try to qualify in the Olympics!"

Kay, Aberdeen, Scotland

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