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Check out these pics of topsy turvy celebs!

Take at look at these famous faces... like you've never seen them before.
His luscious locks even look great in ink. Celebrity faces - such as Harry Styles - are getting turned upside down by artist Darren Coffield.
Harry Styles
The Duchess of Cambridge is just one of the many famous figures Darren has drawn so that the person's eyes are where their chin should be, and vice versa.
Duchess of Cambridge
We wonder if international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo could still score goals if his eyes were on his chin....
Cristiano Ronaldo
Can you guess who this famous songstress is? It's pop star Taylor Swift!
Taylor Swift
'It's a no from me.' Simon Cowell manages bands like One Direction. I wonder if he'd be happy with the likeness of this drawing....
Simon Cowell
The artist chooses people to draw who we instantly recognise then turns their features literally upside down. He even draws politicians, like this one of Prime Minister David Cameron.
David Cameron
And finally this is Justin Timberlake who recently returned to the top of the charts with his single Mirrors. You can see these portraits and many others by Darren Coffield from 1 April – 1 May at London art gallery Pertwee, Anderson and Gold.
Justin Timberlake