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In pictures: Mobile phones through the years

Today marks 10 years since the very first iPhone was revealed to the world. Since then, more than a billion have been sold. Let's take a look back at the history of mobile phones...
The first mobile telephone call was made by Martin Cooper on 3 April 1973. Nicknamed 'the father of the cellphone', Martin made the first phone call to a rival company and later said that all he could hear was silence. But apparently that was because his rival wasn't happy he'd lost the race to make the first call so didn't say anything!
Martin Cooper holding a mobile phone from 40 years ago
A mobile phone like this one from the 1980s would have cost around £2,500! Being so big and weighing as much as a small bag of sugar meant it could hardly fit in your pocket like phones can nowadays.
Man from 1980s using a mobile phone of the time
Texting was first introduced 21 years ago. Nowadays, it is one of the easiest ways to keep in contact with friends and family. mke sre u wtch NR @ 4.20pm ;-)
Mobile phone with text
This bulky phone is the IBM Simon and is considered to be the world's first smartphone - even though the word smartphone wasn't used at the time! It was released in 1993 and had a black and white touchscreen.
IBM SimonIBM UK & Ireland
It's hard to imagine now, but phones didn't always have cameras. The first photo shared using a mobile phone was taken in 1997 by Phillippee Kahn, who shared a picture of his newborn baby daughter Sophie.
Old style Nokia phone and the London Eye big wheel
At the time, the Nokia 1100 was the best-selling electrical gadget in history. Over 250 million devices were snapped up, beating the PlayStation 2 to the top spot.
Nokia 1100Nokia
This BlackBerry from 2000 was one of the first phones you could send emails from. They became hugely successful thanks to their full alphabet keypad.
Blackberry 6000 series smartphoneBlackberry
BBC technology expert Rory Cellan-Jones took this picture of the moment that the iPhone was unveiled to the world. "It’s not very good!" he said, but added that being there was special as he saw such an important moment in technology history.
first iPhone
This was the phone that he launched. Britain was the first European country where you could buy the iPhone and it cost £269.
iPhone 1 2007SHAUN CURRY
The amount of iPhones that have now been sold has helped Apple, the company which makes them, to become the most valuable company in the world.
New iPhonesPA