Did you spot Newsround's April Fool's Day joke?

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Newsround discovers a new species of dinosaur...or maybe not?

It's April Fool's Day - a day when everyone tries to wind each other up by telling them silly made up stories or playing tricks.

And we joined in too - trying to fool you with our story about a new species of dinosaur that Hayley said she'd discovered.

Have you fallen for any April Fool's Day tricks or maybe you've been the one who's been fooling your family and friends?

What's the best April Fool's prank you've seen? Send us your comments!

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"My friend and I were playing a game and he hit me by mistake and I pretended he had really hurt me by pretending to cry. My friend thought he was going to be in big trouble as I was so convincing. He was really shocked and surprised when he realised it was a prank."

David, Cardiff, Wales

"I took cling film and drew a crack on it, then I put it on my dad's car."

Harvey, Oxfordshire, England

"Once I put a push sign on a pull door and when people went to try it I couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny :)))) LOL ."

Laveeza, Bradford, England

"For April Fool's Day, I tricked my brother into thinking that he couldn't play on his XBOX account until the year 9999. But he wouldn't have believed me if I didn't make an e-mail from Xbox Live so I sent an e-Mail to my mum and changed from Ben into XBOX Live. My brother didn't have a clue why he should have been banned."

Ben, Nottinghamshire, England

"In Year 6, I tricked all my friends into thinking I had won the lottery and I was moving to Australia. They fell for it. Then in an assembly, it was announced it was all an April Fool."

Jade, Cheshire, England

"I fooled my brother - I made a note saying that we had to go to school and go in our pyjamas."

Shannon, Moray, Scotland

"I dressed up in clown make-up and clothes and stood over my mum while she was sleeping, she almost had a heart attack."

Charlie-grace, Croydon, England

"We told our mum that Auntie Lenne phoned so she phoned her back and she said she did not phone. That's our April Fool."

Shannon and Emma, Livingston, Scotland

"I told my sister to type something and I unplugged the keyboard!"

Jayden, London, England

"I was going to put a plastic spider on my five-year-old sister while she was asleep, because she's terrified of spiders! I didn't in the end because I didn't wake up in time!"

Megan, Oxford, England

"My stepbrother is WWII/aeroplane mad so my stepsister played a trick on him with me backing her up! The trick was that Duxford Imperial War museum was closing down in six months! He actually believed us for about five mins! His face was a picture when he heard it!"

Alexandra, Cambridgeshire, England

"I put toilet paper in my brother's shoes to make them too small to put on - it was so funny."

Grace, Harrogate, England

"Last year my sister told me that One Direction were moving down our road. I believed it until I researched that 1D were on tour!"

Atifa, Manchester, England

"My grandad put a beep at the door and we thought the Easter bunny came. Nobody noticed and grandad laughed."

Grace, Stanley, Scotland

"You could put salt on someone's toothbrush and when they go to brush their teeth it will taste horrible."

Holly, Middlesbrough, England

"One April Fool's Day I brought a remote control tarantula in my bag to school and I had a broken arm at the time. I said to my friend who was scared of spiders 'can you get my book out of my bag,' and he went to get it and he got a massive fright because of the tarantula."

Lorcan, Kildare, Ireland

"My dad told us we had to go back to school!"

Jenny, England

"I ripped up some toilet paper and put it in a bucket and placed it on top of my sister's door."

Elliot, Harrogate, England

"For April Fool's Day I'm making my mum breakfast in bed but I'm swapping the yogurt with mayo. Can't wait to see the look on her face!!"

Izzy, Northern Ireland

"Last year a newspaper printed that Johnny Depp was moving into a house down my nan's street. I believed it until my grandad told me it was a trick!"

Hannah, Norwich, England

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