Boost for Liverpool Ladies in the FA Women's Super League

Last updated at 11:55
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Hayley finds out about the new plans for Liverpool Ladies

Last season the Liverpool Ladies only won one game and finished at the bottom of the FA Women's Super League.

But they've now been given financial support from the men's club in a bid to change their fortunes.

As well as the cash, the team have also trained alongside the men's side - dribbling with big names like Steven Gerrard.

The club's bosses say they want the men's and women's teams to get the same opportunities.

The Reds have also signed star England player Fara Williams from local rivals Everton, who they hope will help lead them to league glory.

The Super League was launched in April 2011 to improve women's football in England.

They'll be facing Arsenal, Bristol Academy, Birmingham City, Chelsea, Doncaster Rovers Belles, Everton and Lincoln in the race for the title.