How are you celebrating Easter?

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Easter rabbit

Get your eggs ready, the Easter weekend is here!

Easter is on different dates each year, between 21 March and 25 April, depending on when there's a full moon in spring.

Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are some unusual modern traditions associated with it.

From egg hunts to egg rolling, there are loads of special events going on around the country.

Check out some of your comments below!

Your comments

"Me and my brother are going into town in a chicken suit and to hand out chocolate eggs! It's going to be EPIC!"

Georgia, Liverpool, England

"I am not doing much this Easter as I have the flu! It is also my birthday!!"

Niamh, Huddersfield, England

"I'm going to church, eating in a fancy restaurant and then going to a farm to see chicks, cute little puppies, cows and sheep."

Holly, Ireland

"I am celebrating Easter with my mum and we are going to watch One Direction in London."

Chloe, Isle of Man, England

"I'm celebrating Easter by doing our tradition of hiding my eggs around the house for my family to find. Then the person who finds the most get to share an egg with me. Preferably the biggest!"

Daniel, Doncaster, England

"I am spending Easter with my new puppy Luna."

Emily, Glasgow, Scotland

"Me and my family are just staying indoors because the weather is freezing outside but the best thing about that is that I can have an Easter egg hunt like every year."

Mary, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

"We have made Easter cakes which look like nests with eggs in them, we always have an Easter egg hunt and later we're going to Nanny's house for a big family roast!"

Jessica, Ipswich, England

"We're all going to the park to have a picnic and to roll some eggs."

Harriett, Preston, England

"I am going to a Easter parade. I am also indulging my mouth with hundreds of chocolate eggs!"

Sabrina, Birmingham, England

"I am going to the church this morning with my friends and family, then I'm having a Easter breakfast, the old polish traditional way."

Magdalena, Margate, England

"I will be having a great time playing with my friends, watching CBBC and later I'm going to a posh restaurant because it's my birthday!"

Ffion, Cornwall, England

"I am dressing up in my all-in-one bunny suit and I am going to wear it all day."

Kellyann, Luton, England

"We are going to stuff our faces with chocolate and the things we gave up for lent and we are also going to church."

Emily, Wiltshire, England

"I am spending Easter with a broken thumb."

Nadia, Norfolk, England

"I'm going to eat loads of chocolate until my stomach hurts!"

James, Sussex, England

"I am in London for Easter and I am going to look at the boats before the Cambridge vs Oxford boat race."

Sophie, Northamptonshire, England

"I'm just eating as much chocolate as possible!!!!!"

Matilda, London, England

"I am celebrating Easter at my disco dancing competition but I'm also going to eat lots of chocolate eggs as well."

Rebecca, Scotland

"I'm going round to my grandparents house and having an Easter egg hunt in their forest!"

Natasha, Norfolk, England

"Me and my brother are going on a egg hunt. I hid the eggs, so he will never find them!"

Nahean, West Yorkshire, England

"I'm going to my friends for a sleepover and eating lots of chocolate but the best thing is drawing beards on a 1D poster!"

Jasmine, Milton Keynes, England

"I'm hiding my sister's Easter eggs in my secret stash compartment in my wardrobe and I'm planning on eating her eggs and my eggs!"

Sophie, County Durham, England

"My sisters and I will be decorating boiled eggs and then we will be rolling them down the slide to see who's will go the furthest!"

Matthew, Exeter, England

"We are going on a 6 hour drive to Yorkshire to see my grandparents on Easter Sunday and I'm going to eat chocolate all the way!"

Eden, Fareham, England

"I am going to eat Easter eggs until I look like one!"

Emily, Birmingham, England

"I am going to eat lots of chocolate till I explode!"

Oriann, Plymouth, England

"It's my birthday on EASTER and I'm going to eat nothing but Easter eggs for the next few days!"

Cat, Bournemouth, England

"Me and my family are going to Chester Zoo to see the baby animals because they're starting a new life."

Franchesca, Derbyshire, England

"Me and my dad cut our special tree into the shape of an Easter egg and my sister put the decorations on it."

Charlotte, Harrogate, England

"I'm going on an Easter egg hunt, to church for the Easter service, to the shop to pick my favourite egg and then round to my nana's house for a Easter roast turkey dinner!"

Brandon, North Ayrshire, Scotland

"It's my birthday in the Easter holidays and I'm having a making jewellery party!"

Isobel, Nottingham, England

"I am getting a rabbit and going to my God mother's wedding!"

Laura, Warwick, England

"I'm going all the way to America to have an Easter egg hunt and over 100 people are coming."

Melody, London, England

"I'm staying at home because I am stuck in bed ill."

Emily, London, England

"My family are Greek so we celebrate Easter by dying eggs purple and throwing them down the hill. We also get to smash plates."

Rosi, England

"I'm celebrating Easter by going for a Easter hunt and watching Newsround."

Adam, West Midlands, England

"My family and I are going to Liverpool for Easter. I am extra excited because I LOVE Liverpool!!!!!!!!"

Maddie, Derbyshire, England

"I am celebrating Easter by rolling eggs down the South Downs."

Oli, Eastleigh, England

"My gran is coming to my house for a special Easter dinner and it is also my mum Stella's birthday."

Cara, Glasgow, Scotland

"We are having a egg and spoon race and a who can eat the most chocolate eggs competition."

Rosie, Birmingham, England

"As it is very bad weather my brother and I are having an indoor Easter hunt!"

Anna, Ashford, England

"I will be celebrating Easter by going down to Manchester to visit my family where we will be going to church, eating lots of choc, watching movies and generally just having a lot of FUN!!"

Zoe, London, England

"I am going to see my dad in Spain for two weeks. I am so excited."

Reagan, Wolverhampton, England

"I made a tiny Easter egg like they did on Blue Peter, I can't wait for the Easter movies on CBBC."

Jake, Derbyshire, England

"I'm going to eat loads of chocolate and hide my brothers eggs so he can't find them!"

Amber, Peterborough, England

"I will watch all the Easter movies while eating lots of Easter eggs!!!!"

Monica, London, England

"I am celebrating Easter by going to church and taking a basket full of food."

Nikola, Ipswich, England

"We have a mini Easter egg hunt in our garden, then we get our big eggs and go to the fair in our village."

Tasha, Wiltshire, England

"Me and my brother are meeting up with our friends and then going to a park for a massive Easter egg hunt. I'm going to win for sure!!"

Cattie, London, England

"We are celebrating Easter by having a chocolate Easter feast and an Easter egg hunt."

Ashaanya, Wokingham, England

"Me and my mates are having a fancy dress party and going to have a Easter bunny hunt!"

Melissa, Manchester, England

"Me and my family are moving house over Easter. So no chocolate eating for me."

Joe, Blandford, England

"I am going up to my grandma's to have a Easter egg hunt with my cousins."

Matilda, Bath, England

"My family are going to the church on Saturday and then we are going to have a big Easter feast."

Magdalena, Margate, England

"I'm celebrating Easter by inviting our English friends from Turkey round to our house; then I'm hiding my Easter eggs around the house for them to find."

Daniel, Doncaster, England

"We're having an Easter egg hunt, and we're making cakes with a chocolate flake crumbled on top like a nest, and with mini eggs in it."

Lula, Brighton, England

"I am going to have roast beef with my mum, dad, brother and my nanny and granddad. For pudding I am going to have a Easter egg that I will get. I hope there is a mini egg one!"

Matthew, Warwickshire, England

"Every year on Easter Sunday my whole family go round to my nanna's house. "

Sarah, Manchester, England

"I am going to my gran's for an Easter egg hunt."

Hayley, Scotland

"I am going to celebrate Easter by eating Easter eggs with my family."

Evan, Manchester, England

"I am eating loads of choc and getting money! Can't wait!"

Lucy, London, England

"This year I am going to at home and we will do a Easter egg hunt and watch BBC and CBBC specials!"

Maia, Holland

"We're going to Portugal and have an Easter egg hunt."

Rosie, Halifax, England

"I am having a roast dinner on Sunday and going on an egg hunt!"

Lauren, East Lothian, Scotland

"Me and my family are going down to York for Easter. I'm really excited as it's my birthday on Easter Sunday!"

Katie, Scotland