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Olympic items on display at Museum of London

An exhibition showcasing the memorable moments of the London 2012 Olympics opens in London.
Rock and Roll helmet used during the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony
white helmet with face on and red flames coming out of the top
All of the items are on display at the Museum of London from 28th March - 31st October 2013
Photograph of the exhibition as it looks in the Museum of London
Games Makers - members of the public who volunteered their time to help run the events of the games - were praised for the games success. Some of these people have posed for a photograph which is printed on the dress
Dress with many games maker faces on
Over 17,000 members of the public took part in the ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympics Games, and each needed a made to measure costume.
A mirrored dress
Most of the performers who took part in the Opening Ceremony were volunteers who gave up their time to be part in the historic event.
A multi shaded blue dress
It's Mary Poppins! During the Opening Ceremony women wearing this costume flew down from the roof to shoo away scary storybook characters like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.
Black costume with a long coat and a black traditional looking umberella
Read all about it! This outfit was designed to look like newspaper cuttings and was worn in the opening sequence of the Closing Ceremony.
Policeman's uniform made using newspaper cuttings
This is one of the torches used along the Olympic Torch relay route, which took 70 days, spanned 8,000 miles and involved 8,000 runners.
Gold looking Olympic Torch
Bradley Wiggins yellow shirt that he wore at the Opening Ceremony. Wiggins went on to win 2 gold medals.
Yellow shirt
Lets hope no one needed it.... but just in case this sick back was Olympic themed!
Gold sick back with Olympic logo on the side
Olympic Bronze Medallist Tom Daley's trunks are set to draw in a few fans.
Olympic Bronze Medallist Tom Daley's trunks
One of the sections of the Opening Ceremony was themed around the NHS. This is a nurse's uniform worn by one of the many local people who took part.
A blue and white nurses uniform in the traditional style