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Pictures: Weird and wonderful shoes!

Hundreds of wacky shoes have gone on display in Germany. The exhibition at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, features over 200 pairs of shoes. Many of them were designed for celebrities and most of them we can't imagine ever wearing! Check them out!
You'd look a comedy caper in these banana slip-ons! These were designed for Whoopi Goldberg by Kobi Levi, and you guessed it they are called 'Banana'.
Shoes from the Grassi Museum shoe exhibition
Crazy critter feet - these cute creatures are actually shoes. They're called "Tongari Atama" and they're designed by Gert van Gastel.
Shoes from the Grassi Museum shoe exhibition
Barking mad or latest fad? The pretty pink poodles are a based on the adidas sneaker, and are by designed by Jeremy Scott.
Shoes from the Grassi Museum shoe exhibition
This little fairy-tale style shoe is called "Loulou" and it's designed by Pinelopi Loizidou.
A white shoe with a rocking chair instead of a heel.
There's only one lady you can imagine wearing these massive heels... that's right these were designed for Lady Gaga by Jantaminian.
An onlooker next to the shoes called 'Nature Extends' which were designed for Lady Gaga.
Now to some useful shoes, well, sort of... here's the handbag shoe or 'Shoebag', the 'Cutlery' shoe, and maybe you can clean the floor with the 'Brooms'.
A display showing shoes made from spoons and forks, leather and broom heads.
Whoops! looks like somebody dropped their ice-cream cone! These yummy-looking shoes are called "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and the others are called "Passionate for Pink Cream" designed by Rhonda Voo.
Shoes with ice-cream and cream piled on the toe.
Are these shoes made for walking? Probably not! These are called "Landscape Shoes" and they're designed by Jared Steffensen.
High heels with rocks and miniature trees growing out of them.