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Real-life Easter bunnies in need of a new home

Rabbits are often bought as pets at Easter, but some people underestimate how much they need looking after. Many are abandoned - here are a few looking for a new home.
Jane is a two-year-old giant crossbreed rabbit who loves to run around and climb on anything she can find.
A browny grey rabbit
Gem and Sapphire are a pair of female dwarf lop rabbits who are very close and looking for a new home together. They are just nine-months-old and are both very playful.
A light grey rabbit and a dark grey rabbit
Beyonce is a three-year-old lionhead rabbit who takes after her popstar namesake with her style of bunny hops.
Ginger and brown bunny rabbit
Candy loves munching on carrots and is nearly three-years-old. She is a crossbreed rabbit who is best friends with....
A white rabbit eating a carrot
... Spotty the rabbit. They have been friends for some time and are looking for a home together.
Black and white spotty rabbit eating a carrot
Nibbles is a five-month-old crossbreed rabbit. He is a lovely dwarf sized bunny who is really friendly and loves being cuddled.
Black rabbit
These two cute bunny rabbits are called Bubble and Squeak. They love having fun, are very inquisitive and would love a new owner who would play games with them.
A grey rabbit and a brown rabbit