Micro Lamb's snow survival story told on Twitter

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Meet Micro Lamb with her owner Gareth!

Meet Micro Lamb - the tiny Hebridean lamb who's got her own Twitter account!

Micro Lamb was born a few days ago weighing just 1kg - about the same as a bag of sugar - and was an unexpected arrival to her farmer, Gareth Barlow.

She was born on a farm in North Yorkshire, but was only a third of the usual size for a newborn lamb.

This meant that she wouldn't be able to survive outdoors in the current cold weather so will be living in Gareth's house for the next few weeks.

But to keep her busy she's got her own Twitter account with hundreds of followers from all around the world!

In a recent tweet on Wednesday afternoon she said: "I'm busy playing in the lovely warm kitchen, saying hello to the dog, chasing the farmer, sleeping under the chairs. This is such fun! Baa."