Thousands of homes lose power

Last updated at 13:56
Rooftops are covered in snow in Belfast

The bad weather left thousands of homes around the UK without electricity.

Up to 14,000 properties in Northern Ireland, 10,000 in Scotland and 2,000 in Wales lost power.

Weather warnings also remain in place across much of the UK after two days of wintery conditions.

The Met Office has warned that snow will melt on roads and pavements but will refreeze at night to give icy patches.

We asked you to tell us how you coped with the cold and what you did without your tv, phone or computer.

Your Comments

"One minute the electricity is on and the next it is off. I'm having a great time outside in the snow though."

Aiela, Bradford

"It was nice in a way because me and my family had a 'games night' and takeaway. But it was also horrible because I didn't have my much loved internet!"

Christianne, Scotland

"Our dog got really scared! We had to light six candles."

Anna, Bangor

"It's extremely dark in my house. My dog keeps banging his head on things and that makes him sad! I also can't watch great shows like Newsround."

Daniel, Doncaster

"I just got my laptop back on but me and my dog have been out in the snow. I wish we can have more because then school will be closed."

Cody, Grimsby

"The electricity keeps flicking on and off and at one time it went off completely but in the end it came back on."

Fi, Bangor

"It's like you are living at night and you can't get access to anybody because the powers off."

Imogen, Yorkshire