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Pictures: Wonders of nature photo competition

A bright green stick insect, chatting ants and fighting seals - all winners of a nature photo competition.
What did one ant say to the other? These little guys look like they're having a good gossip don't they! They are officially known as Myrmecia nigriscapa (bulldog ants).
Bulldog ants communicating
Turfed out - Thomas Jensen snapped the moment that a duck hopped up on a branch on which two frogs had been sunning themselves.
Frogs jumping free of log as duck arrives
These little chaps are called Arabian babblers, and they are doing what is known as allopreening - this basically means they are grooming one another.
Arabian babbler group
Sitting still - look closer, these birds are not all they seem. The fake models have been placed at this spot on New Zealand's North Island in the hope they would encourage the real ones to join them.
Decoy Northern gannets in New Zealand
Cool blue - this picture shows the eerie blue light given off by tiny creatures called dinoflagellates. The wind causes a chemical reaction which makes them light up this way.
"Blue tide" caused by luminous dinoflagellates
These male elephant seals are fighting one another for the affection of the females in their group.
Male Southern elephant seals locked in battle
Taking the high road... this Galapagos tortoise is ambling along a road made by humans on Santa Cruz island.
Galapagos tortoise using human road
The overall winner of the BMC Ecology's Image Competition was this picture of a cleverly disguised stick insect. Its formal name is a 'Timema poppensis' and its perfectly camouflaged on the leaves of a redwood in California.
Stick insect camouflaged on redwood leaves