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Pictures: Your wacky weather in March pictures

Snow has caused schools across the country to close - two days into the official start of springtime. Ypu've been sending us your pictures.
Sam sent us this picture of his snowy garden. Brrrrrrrr it certainly looks cold.
A snowy garden
Shannon from Welshpool took this picture of the snow outside her window.
Snow covered road
Becca's told us that she's so fed up with the snow because it's stopping her from going to school. It's also her birthday next week and she wants it to be warm.
Snow covered street
Sophie sent us this picture of her dog Bonnie - she has snow on her nose.
A dog in a garden
Emily has sent us this snap of her chickens - Molly and Maggie. She says she loves the snow but not in the spring.
Chickens in the snow
Check out Abigail's front garden. She's told us that she's so glad to be off school!
Snow in a front garden
Claire from Belfast told us that some of the telephone wires were down this morning outside her home.
Snowy street
Chloe from Leicestershire told us that she's had 4/5 inches of snow.
Snowy garden
Look at the snow in Ethan's front garden in Coventry - we're surprised you can even see the car!
Snowy garden
Calum from Glasgow has got a very snowy garden. There'll soon be enough for a snowman!
A snow covered garden
This is Bruno who belongs to Lucy from North Wales. We bet he has a cold nose.
Dog in the snow
Mae sent us this snap from her house in Yorkshire - snow everywhere!
Snowy scene
Em from Leicestershire took this picture of her dog enjoying the garden.
A dog in a snowy garden
Azim from Bradford has made a snow granny! She certainly looks happy.
a snow granny
Here's Shirel about to throw a snowball at his dad. He'd better watch out!
Shifra fell over in the snow. She was ok though.
Snowy road
Leah from Kilburn found a great way to take her dog for a walk... on her sledge!
snowy hill
Caitlin in Shrewsbury made the biggest snowman we've ever seen with her dad. Wow!
Giant snowman
Kirtsy has taken her dog for a walk in the snow.
Dog in the snow