Snow closes a thousand schools

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Snow ploughs clear the road in Co Antrim after heavy snowfall

More than a thousand schools across the country have closed as severe weather hits the UK.

Forecasters say some places have seen between 20cm-40cm of snow and it could end being the coldest March for fifty years.

Some areas are also predicted to see 50-75mm of rain over the next 24-48-hour period.

Snow covered flowers in Liverpool
Over a thousand schools have closed

High winds have also been recorded in Wales.

50,000 homes in Northern Ireland have lost power.

And properties in south-west England have been flooded.

Drivers have been stuck in cars and Belfast and Leeds Bradford Airport have been closed.

Forecasters say freezing temperatures and snow could hit London over the weekend.

People are being advised to take plenty of warm layers with them when they leave their homes and to check travel reports.

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Your comments

"The snow is really deep! A lorry jack-knifed and was causing a lot of delays. My dad got stuck on the way to work. Snow can be so annoying!"

Maisie, Shropshire, England

"I live in Huddersfield and in all the time I have lived here I think this is the worst. But the good side is that I have got a day off school."

Holly, Huddersfield, England

"It's really snowy outside and we are stuck inside. Luckily our school is closed and the forecast says it is going to snow tomorrow as well."

Azim, West Yorkshire, England

"Yesterday it was sunny and today I woke up cold!"

Libby, Manchester, England

"Our schools aren't closed, there is just loads of rain!"

Elizabeth, Devon, England

"Our school is not closed and it's so cold!"

Rebecca, Preston, England

"Our weather is so bad its made me ill."

Yvie, Torquay, England

"In Belfast there is 30 cm of snow where I am and I'm off school. We cant get out of the house. We have no electricity and the wind is howling constantly. Its just really annoying me."

Eireann, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"There's been snow everywhere, school hasn't closed but it's freezing cold."

Menina, Hertfordshire, England

"It's very wet down here and our house has flooded".

David, Plymouth, England

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