What happens at the enthronement of a new archbishop?

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The Archbishop of Canterbury

The enthronement is the last stage in the appointment of a new Archbishop of Canterbury. In the ceremony the new archbishop is formally sworn in as head of the Church of England.

The enthronement ceremony has a set of customs and traditions that have been followed for hundreds of years.

Knock, knock!

Welby knocks on the door of Canterbury Cathedral with a staff

When he arrives at Canterbury Cathedral the new archbishop must knock three times on the door. A young member of the congregation will question him to find out why he has come.

A letter from the Queen

Justin Welby

The new archbishop must wait outside whilst a mandate from the Queen is read out, authorising his enthronement.

A book to kiss

Justin Welby during his enthronement service to become Archbishop of Canterbury

The new archbishop swears to observe the customs of Canterbury Cathedral by kissing the book of the Canterbury Gospels. The book is said to have been brought to England by the first Archbishop in 597 AD.

Two thrones

Justin Welby

The archbishop is be enthroned on two different seats - first in the diocesan throne as bishop of Canterbury, then in the Chair of Augustine as Primate of All England.