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'Cake-house' opens in London, filled with 100s of cakes

A team of 14 cake-makers has spent more then 2,900 hours to create over 100 pieces of edible 'cake art' to fill three storeys of a house in London.
A pair of competition winners will get the chance to spend the whole of Thursday night in the house.
The icing on the house! A team of 14 cake-makers has spent more then 2,900 hours creating the "cake art" that fills a house in central London.
Rainbow-coloured cake icing
There are eight cake-filled rooms inside the house in Soho, which is open for a week.
Giant edible sculptures include a 2m-long vanilla sponge turtle cake.
Vanilla sponge turtle cake
More than 50 winners of a competition by sugar company Tate & Lyle received a pair of tickets to sample as much of the edible art as they can eat.
She sells sea-shells on the sea shore! Try saying that one with a mouthful of cake! Even these ornaments are edible, yum!
Edible sea shells
This rainbow cake is one and a half metres long! It's one of 100 different cakes that are ready to be gobbled up.
Mardi Gras Cake
A pirate room contains a giant treasure chest filled with pearls, more than 100 floating meringues and 10m (32ft) of edible bunting.
Treasure chest cake