What's your favourite invention ever?

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Dick and Dom talk about their favourite inventions

Newsround have teamed up with Dick & Dom's Absolute Genius show to launch an amazing inventions competition for young inventors!

And to get your creativity flowing, Newsround want to know what your favourite invention from history is!

Light bulbs, trainers, lunch boxes, orange squash, the remote control - they're just a few of the countless inventions that exist.

Sorry this chat page is now closed, but check out some of your comments below.

What's your favourite invention?

"Definitely CBBC."

Huw, West Midlands, England

"I think that the car is the most brilliant invention in the world because it can get you from place to place easily with little fuss - unless there is a traffic jam."

Joseph, Huddersfield, England

"I think the best invention is the electric heater because you can get so warm and cosey."

Charlie, Doncaster, England

"The best invention was probably cameras."

Lewis, Glasgow, Scotland

"The pen is the greatest invention because if you can't speak you can write it down to communicate and if you are going shopping it helps you to remember what you need."

James, Bedfordshire, England

"I think the best invention so far would be the light bulb. It is really useful and a very good idea!"

Amy, Liverpool, England

"My favourite invention is the car."

Jeevan, Nuneaton, England

"Definitely electricity, because without it there couldn't be some of the other great inventions and my iPod wouldn't work!"

Jack, Cambridge, England

"I like the invention of the TV because if it wasn't invented then I couldn't watch CBBC"

Rhiannon, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think the clock is very good - without it we wouldn't know when things were."

Jessica, Durham, England

"My favourite invention would be a plane."

Mary, Hollywood, USA

"I love the saxophone because it's an amazing instrument to play."

Jacob, Lincolnshire, England

"My most favourite invention is the remote control helicopter!"

Aaron, Dorset, England

"Electricity as you wouldn't have lights which are a main part of our lives - otherwise we would still have to use candles. Also you won't have TVs or phones as you can't plug them in to charge them."

Chloe, Weston-super-Mare, England

"The internal combustion engine because without it we would have no cars!"

Ethan, London, England

"The telephone! Alexander Graham Bell is Awesome!"

Samantha, Oxford, England

"Clothing, because if it wasn't invented we would be going around wearing leaves and sticks!"

Ceylin, Cardiff, Wales

"I personally think that there is no better invention than the internet."

Surabi, London, England

"My favourite invention is the TV because when I'm bored I just turn it on and sit for hours watching it. It's great!"

Anna, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

"The television and computer because without them Newsround wouldn't exist."

Cara, Kinross, Scotland

"I really like the Xbox 360 very very very much!"

Jake, Wales

"I love the invention of microphones. I am currently in a show and have to be mic'd up!"

Natasha, Worcestershire, England

"My favourite invention is the car."

Gareth, England

"The best ever invention is the toilet because if it had not been invented then we would still be throwing our business out of the window!"

Isabelle, Worcestershire, England

"The internet."

Kathryn, Hull, England

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