Has your family been hit by money troubles?

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Hard Times - a Newsround Special

In the last few years the country has been in and out of recession, people have been losing jobs and families have been struggling with money.

This has led to big changes for many people, but how has it affected you?

Newsround's Ricky has been looking into how kids in the UK have been hit by recession for a special programme called Hard Times.

Has your family been hit by money troubles? Have you had your pocket money cut? Have you had to move house or had a holiday cancelled?

Whatever it is we want to hear how the changes in the money world have affected you. Send us your comments...

Sorry this chat page has closed, but below are some of your comments...

Your Comments

"Our family has been struggling for a while and we do our best to carry on but we all help each other to get through this hard time."

Ciara, Guildford, England

"I don't get to go anywhere special and I don't have pocket money."

Evie, Gwent, Wales

"It has affected my family but we have each other and that's all we need... I don't know what might happen in the future."

Aoife, Ireland

"My mum struggles to get money so we don't get pocket money and we don't go on holiday."

Lily-angel, Bournemouth, England

"My family haven't had too many problems but they noticed food is more expensive."

Emma, Bristol, England

"It has not affected me. Everybody's moaning about money when the important thing is family."

Molly, South Shields, England

"I'm very thankful because we don't have any money problems and we get to go on holiday every year and I don't take anything for granted."

Laura, Meath, Ireland

"My family is lucky because my mum and dad have jobs and lots of money. Unfortunately my cousin's mum and dad do not have lots of money."

Danyaal, Bristol, England

"I am lucky that I have not been hit yet by recession, my family have got money. However I am sad for other people that have been hit."

Bruno, Bristol, England

"I'm not sure if my parents have been affected but I still get my pocket money and we have been on holiday."

Hannah, England

"My pocket money has been cut because we do not have enough money to do shopping so my parents need to use my pocket money."

Amal, Bristol, England

"Unfortunately my mum and dad do not have a job."

Assia, Bristol, England

"My family has been hit hard as both my parents were made redundant in 2010, my dad has since found work, my mum is still unemployed. What little money we have is spent on bills and food and keeping a roof over our heads. We have little money left over to do things and haven't had a holiday for almost three years as we can't afford to go anywhere."

Aaron, Hull, England

"My family and I have to buy the cheapest food and we try to find fun things to with what we've got. Also at Christmas we got less gifts but I am not complaining because there are kids who don't get any!"

Skye, Stonehaven, Scotland

"My dad now has trouble feeding my sister and I, we find it hard to buy stuff."

Victoria, Northamptonshire, England

"I haven't been affected at all, I am one of the lucky ones and I'm thankful nothing bad like recession has hit my family."

Shrey, Reading, England

"My mum is disabled, so when the recession hit it caused lots of problems. Thankfully with a bit of help from selling unwanted stuff we are managing to cope. The thing that I think made recession hit us the most is the fact that my mum and dad split up, and dad was the one who had a job to keep the money rolling in for me, mum and my sister."

Lauren, Huddersfield, England

"When my dad lost his job and we had to move into my nan's house."

Caitlin, Rochester England

"My mum, my grandma and I haven't been on holiday since 2010 :(( ."

Leanne, Lancashire, England

"I don't even get to go on holidays or get pocket money because my family is barely getting any money, and we don't have enough to eat so it's very hard to live like this."

Ethan, London, England

"I'm not affected although I never see my mum because she's always working to get the money we need."

Victoria, Shrewsbury, England