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Scientists pretend to live on Mars

Pictures of a big experiment in America to see whether human exploration of Mars could one day be possible.
The Mars Research Society has been using the Utah desert in America to investigate the possibility of human exploration on the red planet.
Mars photo 1
Scientists work, study and live together in the desert trying to simulate conditions on Mars.
Mars photo 2
The scientists wear special spacesuits and carry air-supply packs as they explore the landscape to collect rock samples.
Mars photo 3
The hope is that the experiment will find out how possible exploring Mars would be for humans.
Mars photo 4
Geologists, astro-biologists, engineers, mechanics, physicians are living together to take part in the experiment for weeks to months at a time.
Mars photo 5
Their accommodation is compact and has limited electricity, food, oxygen and water.
Mars photo 6
The society also has research centres in the Canadian Arctic, the Australian outback and Iceland.
Mars photo 8