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Pictures of the papal elections

Pictures from the first day of the papal elections, known as a conclave, to elect the new Pope.
These nuns are celebrating by singing hymns in the square.
Nuns sing hymns under the colonnade in St Peter's Square in Vatican City.
Check out these amazing pics from the first day of the papal election, known as a conclave. In the morning all the cardinals who are taking part in the election - known as a conclave - celebrated Mass in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. The Mass is open to the public and the cardinals who are not eligible to vote - those over the age of 80 - also attended.
Cardinals at Mass
As the cardinals left after Mass, lots of the public wanted to take photos of this special day for the Catholic Church.
Cardinals leaving Mass
This is where eyes were fixed once the new Pope had been chosen - the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica. Lined with special red curtains, this is where the new Pope made his appearance to the public after being chosen.
Balcony of St Peter's Basilica
This is inside the Sistine Chapel where the secret voting will take place, with its famous painted ceiling and the seats ready for the cardinals.
Inside the Sistine Chapel
People gathered outside as well, in St Peter's Square.
People gathered in St Peter's Square.
Hanging in a room next to the Sistine Chapel are three identical white outfits in small, medium and large for the new Pope's first appearance to the public.
Outfits for the new Pope's first public appearance