EU ban on animal tested cosmetics

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Joe looks into cosmetic testing

A ban on selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals comes into force throughout the European Union today.

It comes after decades of protests against using animals to test the safety of our toiletries.

Before these products hit the shelves they have to be tested to make sure they're safe and sometimes this involves using animals.

But animal rights campaigners say tests - like rubbing chemicals into the skins of rabbits and mice - are cruel.

2009 ban - some exceptions

Most cosmetic tests on animals, with some exceptions, were banned from happening in the EU in 2009.

Now those exceptions have been closed off too - so from today, no cosmetic product sold in European shops will have been tested on animals.

In other countries animals are still used to test cosmetics - in China, it's compulsory to do so.

In the European Union, Animals are still used to test certain medicines intended for use by humans.

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