Astronaut shows how to make a sandwich in space

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Watch this guide to making a sandwich in space.

Ever wondered how to make a sandwich in space? Wash your hands or even rock out with a guitar two hundred and fifty miles from Earth?

Well now you can learn more about what life is like orbiting the earth thanks to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

He's been sending out handy how-to videos from the international space station.

Here his guide to making a sandwich in zero gravity.

Your comments

"I'd like to see Chris do acrobatics in space. Maybe in the future there could be performances in space."

Katie, Hemel Hempstead

"I'd like to know how would you have breakfast in space."

Millie, Darwen

"How do you go to the toilet in space without the toilet water coming up? How do you drink water in space? And if you were to spill water would it just float around?"

Keziah, London

"I'd like to see him make a roast dinner in space. It would be fun to see how he does it!"

Helena, Adderbury

"I would like to see him show me how to put make up on in zero gravity!"

Lula, Brighton

"I think he should try setting up his TV in space, or playing X-box in space! So cool."

Monica, St Helens

"I would like to see Chris Hadley have a fashion show in space. Or invite his Nan for a nice roast."

Shifra, Surrey

"I want see him make a giant ice cream Sunday in space."

Jessica, Ashton

"I want to know how do you sleep when there's no gravity."

Niall, West Sussex

"I would like to see him try and paint because I wonder if the paint would stay on the paper and if he could even make a picture."

Katy, Brisbane, Australia

"I would like to see him do Gangnam Style in space! It will be so funny!"

Aaron, Southport

"I'd like to see him make his bed. Do you even have one?"

Eleana, Hull

"I would like to see him play the piano is space."

Amy, Southgate

"I think he should make a full English breakfast or fish and chips on play FIFA 13 on PS3 in zero gravity."

Morgan, York

"I think they should try painting or dodgeball in space."

Hannah, Powys

"How do you got to the toilet in space with out the water coming up?"

Jack, Cumbria

"Me and my little sister want to see him fry an egg in space! I hope he succeeds."

Alice, Derby

"I think he should try writing his name on paper tap dancing."

Gemma, St Leonards

"I think he should try making spaghetti in space."

Tara, London

"I would like Chris to next teach how to text and call on your phone when you're in space, so you can let people down below know how you are doing."

Emily, Bristol

"I think he should do a video showing how to do a quiff using hair gel/wax in space."

Aisha, London

"I would like to see him singing and dancing whilst balancing a glass of water on his head! It would be so funny."

Amy, Liverpool