Is reading important to you?

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Half of children prefer watching TV to reading books, according to research by the National Literacy Trust.

But it's not just books children are putting down, they say that fewer kids are reading comics, magazines and even websites too.

Why? Well, experts think this may be because our lives are so busy with things like TV, sport, films, video games... that we just don't have time to sit down and read!

And the charity says this is worrying.

Is reading still important to you?

So, can you find the time to get stuck in a book? Or do you think there's lots more important stuff to do?

What do you enjoy reading? Or are you too busy for books?

Your Comments

"I wanted to finish reading a book before I came on my laptop to write this comment!"

Freya, Surrey, England

"I couldn't live without books! My friends don't care that my head is always stuck in a book and most of them love reading too. I think that it is outrageous that some people would laugh at reading books!"

Lola, England

"I love reading. I do it every night. I also like going on my kindle and going on my video games. But reading is good to learn new words and relax."

Genevieve, Bury, England

"I prefer reading to watching TV. Some people call me weird, but they are just missing out!"

Ruby, Birmingham, England

"I think reading now a days you don't have time for it, there is so many things you need to do like play out with your friends do homework and more, but at the end of the day you realize you don't have time to read."

Lawrence, Somerset, England

"Books are amazing. I would never give them up, TV is nothing compared to a book. There is so much to a story, adventure, mystery, fairytales and jokes. Most of those you would never find on TV."

Shannon, Faversham, England

"I only read when there is nothing to watch or play."

Bravyck, London, England

"I really like reading because you get to learn new words and it is a relaxing hobby. But after school I do like to watch kids programmes first before sitting to read."

Ellie, Norfolk, England

"Why would someone not like a book, Roal Dahl is the best author in the world and his books are so exciting!"

Emma, Cumbria, England

"I love reading sometimes I am reading 2 books at the same time but I would read more if I had more time."

Mia, Belfast, Ireland

"I love reading and I used to read a lot more than I do now because there are so many video games and TV programs that it's hard to find time unless I read before I go to sleep."

Aidan, London, Oxford

"I love reading and I try to read a little every day. I go to the library every Sunday without fail! I think reading is very important because I find it improves your spelling and imagination. Everyone should have some love for reading!"

Anna, Ashford, England

"I enjoy reading a lot especially books by Suzanne Collins I don't Know why someone would choose TV over a good old book."

Adam, London, England

"I love reading and think that it is good to read day and night. In our school we are dressing up, I am going as red riding hood."

Kati, England

"I LOVE TO READ!!!! Everyone should read it is one of the best things to do and everyone should read because it's good for your education!!"

Anushka, Watford, England

"We like watching TV better than reading. Because when you read a book it is boring when you could be watching TV."

Liam and Shannon, Burton Upon Trent, England

"I do not enjoy reading because I find some words tricky to read and I have trouble understanding some of the words."

Vignesh, Hampshire, England

"We think reading is great! It's brilliant because you get to learn things. Watching telly can be boring. Reading gives your brain a workout (like going to the gym) because you have to concentrate, focus, use your imagination to form pictures in your mind and use your memory. Watching TV is just lazy!"

Caine, Shannon, Nikita, Kashif and Danny, Burton Upon Trent, England

"I enjoy reading because all of the books I read make me want to be there and all of the books are enjoyable. I read when I have to read for school but I mostly read at home."

Ibnat, Hampshire, England

"My favourite book is Amelia Jane! I love reading because I love getting into the story. Reading is important to me because it helps with my handwriting."

Amber, Hampshire, England

"I love reading, I think it helps peoples imaginations go wild."

Holly, Cambridgeshire, England

"I have to read because of school. I love TV but I love reading Tracy Beaker too!

Kat, London, England

"Reading is very important to me! Plus I don't even have a TV!!

Ria, Coventry, England

"None of my friends can ever see me without a book. I don't care if they think it's weird, that's their problem not mine. To me a book is a whole new world just waiting to be explored."

Hayley, West Sussex, England

"I think reading is really important. But I must admit the TV and laptop can get quite addictive. At the moment I am reading The Diary of Anne Frank which I would recommend."

Rose, England

"The three things I love are trampolines, animal hats and books. If books were the only enjoyable thing left in the world, I wouldn't complain I would just open it up and step into the world of dreams and wonder."

Marcy, West Norwood, England

"Books are still important to me because sometimes I get bored and brother is always watching TV; I don't like the programs he is watches so I go and read. I enjoy reading because it is interesting."

Phoebe, Wolverhampton, England

"I sometimes read and I sometimes watch TV. It just depends how interesting it is really. I'm a big fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series!"

Aaron, Southport, England

"I still love to read. A good book can take you anywhere you want. I find books help me in class and they give me wild ideas."

Em, Newcastle, England

"I own lots of books but I have never read them! At school, I listen to the book instead and if the book is on a film you still get the story but quicker and it's easier to see what the story is like."

Abbey, Brighouse, England

"I don't really enjoy reading, I only enjoy certain books and get quiet bored. I would much rather go out side."

Lucy, Chichester, England

"I never read any more because I find it so boring. In our school the selection of books in the library are terrible."

Roxy, Eastbourne, England

"Books, I only read them at school but i don't like them, I prefer my TV and computer!!!

Cerys, Devon, England

"I read a lot but my friends don't though because they think it's un-cool."

Loomie, Chelmsford, England

"I love reading and I love world book day, I think it's a shame most children prefer telly. I like reading Harry potter books but people don't believe me when I say how fast I read them."

Evie, Corby, England

"Of course I still enjoy reading! I'm a bookworm, and proud of it. Although I still watch TV, I spend roughly about three hours each day reading, and take any chance I can to buy books."

Milly, Bath, England

"I try to balance out reading and watching the TV, I think reading is very important because it can teach you so many things!"

William, Hastings, England

"I think reading is very important and reading is the key to education. Reading helps a lot and makes you learn a lot."

Hena, London

"I'm addicted to reading a good book, I'm always buying a new book every week, but I can't live without my laptop either. So I have the best of both worlds."

Kerri-Lisa, Essex

"I love reading books but I have read all my books, so now I just watch the TV. I don't want my mum and dad to call me a bookworm."

Isabella, Newcastle

"I skip pages a lot but I like 'Diary of a Whimpy Kid' books because they are funny. I like the pictures, they help me understand and they make me laugh."

Jasper, Cambridge

"I love reading and in my school we read everyday. I read in the mornings and at night and I sometimes read my favourite books again. I have now read the 'Hunger Games' three times."

Matthew, Bishops Stortford

"Reading is very important to our school and we are dressing up as our favourite character from a book. Our school also set up a club called Book Group and I go to it and think it's great."

Amy, Portrush

"I feel as though reading is important. It brings your world to life and makes your imagination stronger. People sometimes don't see the bigger picture; If they read, they get good English skills and then they can get a good job."

Maariyah, Blackburn

"My school is dressing up as characters from are favourite book and I am dressed up as Mrs Twit."

Annabelle, Stockton

"I think reading is important because it helps spelling and improves imagination. If i could i would switch off the power so people had to read."

Finn, Scunthorpe

"I love reading but sometimes after school I am tired and want to sit down and watch T.V I feel like I'm missing out."

Phyllida, Fordham

"I love reading but now there are so many video games and cool shows I don't really have time any more."

Mia, Loughborough