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Will your favourite video games win a Bafta?

Popular videos games are nominated in the video game Baftas.
Little Big Planet is nominated in the Mobile & Handheld category. The latest version for the Playstation Vita lets players control Sackboy by touching the screen. Come back to the Newsround website on Wednesday to find out if they win!
Little Big Planet
The Bafta video game awards will take place on Tuesday night - but are your favourites nominated? Just Dance 4 by Ubisoft is nominated for the Family award. The popular dancing game returned for its fourth outing and teaches players the moves to the ever-popular smash hit Gangnam Style.
A screenshot of Just Dance 4 shows a character performing the Gangnam Style dance.
The PS3's Journey - made by thatgamecompany - is nominated for eight awards, including Artistic Achievement and Audio Achievement. Players guide a robed character on a journey across desolate landscapes with the goal of reaching a mountain far in the distance.
A robed figure stares across a vast desert.
Clay Jam is a smartphone game nominated for the Family award. Users roll a pebble down a clay hill and squash monsters on the way down! The team behind the game told Newsround: 'Getting nominated for a BAFTA has been unbelievably exciting! Probably the most exciting day of our professional lives.'
A pebble rolling down a clay hill towards clay monsters.
Lego Lord Of The Rings is nominated for two awards including Best British Game. It was developed by a team in Knutsford right here in the UK - and their game Lego Batman 2 is nominated for the Family award too.
A bearded Lego character in a video game
Wonderbook: Book Of Spells is nominated for the Game Innovation award. It's the first Playstation game where players hold a blank book in front of their console and see it come to life on their TV screen.
Children play with the Playstation's wonderbook.
CBBC is up for an award too! Dick and Dom's Hoopla is nominated for best Online Browser game. In this level, players have to spin Dick and Dom until they're sick - gross!
A screenshot of Dick and Dom's Hoopla. The characters are sat on turntables in a circus environment.