Couple wanted for 501 day journey to Mars

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Joe checks out the latest plans for an epic journey to Mars

Couple wanted for 501 day journey to Mars

A US millionaire has announced ambitious plans to send a man and woman on a 501 day round trip to Mars.

Dennis Tito, who became the first private space tourist in 2001 when he paid £13 million for a ticket to the International Space Station, said he aims to spur a new era of space exploration.

The trip would take the couple around Mars but wouldn't try to land on the red planet.

The project's leaders say they are looking for a couple who have been married for a while, so that they can get along during the epic journey.

Conditions onboard the spaceship could be pretty cosy, one report suggests that 1,360kg of dehydrated food would be needed to last the lucky pair for 501 days.

They also worked out that the two passengers would need a whopping 28kg of toilet paper!

The group still has to raise funding for its mission.

No humans have ever travelled to Mars before.

We wanted to know who you'd take with you to Mars if you went on the epic journey. Check out some of your answers below!

Your comments

"I would choose my Granny because she is the best and it would be so much fun!!!"

Jan, Scotland

"I would travel with Helen Skelton because she's funny and she's a risk taker."

Rhamel, London, England

"I would treat my mum and dad and not go myself. They deserve a reward for being great parents for the past 12 years of my life, driving me to clubs every night while in full-time jobs!"

Catherine, Cambridgeshire, England

"I would take my mum, I know that sounds strange but she is my number one hero and she makes me laugh."

Abigail, Lowestoft, England

"I would take Manu Tuilagi because he is my favourite England rugby player."

Alan, London, England

"I would bring James Arthur because I love him so much and he could entertain me by singing and maybe we could sing together?"

Georgia, Worcestershire, England

"I would take Lady Gaga because I love her and she's epic!"

Molly, Newcastle, England

"I would take four people with me. Helen and Barney from Blue Peter, my two friends, and I might ask Helen if she wants to take Barney the dog with her as well!"

Rhys, Gloucestershire, England

"I would take Cheryl Cole because she is funny, nice, very entertaining and talented. She also climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro so will be good at survival tips."

Bethany, England

"I would take Hacker because he wouldn't eat much or take up too much space."

Jonathan, Preston, England

"I would bring my nerdy best friend to Mars because then I wouldn't be bored and I would always be entertained!"

Annie, Birkenhead, England

"I would probably go to Mars with Richard Wisker from Tracey Beaker Returns because it would be a laugh."

Ruby, Cardiff, Wales

"I would love to go to Mars with my family and my best friend. But I think it would be hard to get food and water if you are a long way away from Earth!!"

Nandushan, London, England

"I would send a man in an alien costume."

William, Tameside, England

"We would like to go to space as a whole class with our teacher. We would like to take a scientist with us so that they can tell us all about Mars and space."

Topaz class, Hailsham, England

"I would take One Direction because they're my favourite band!"

Millie, Isle of Wight, England

"It would be JLS and Little mix and my guinea pigs."

Lauren, Isle of Wight, England

"I would take One Direction or Jennifer Lawrence, because they are such cool people it would be good to get to know them."

Joanne, Chepstow, Wales

"I would take my mum because she is the best mum ever!"

Olivia, London, England

"I would take my mum and a friend from school. Mum to be caring and friend to play and laugh with!"

Anushka, London, England

"I think I would choose my mum to go to Mars with because a mother daughter relationship is the best yet..."

Summayah, London, England

"I would take my twin Jemma to Mars with me."

Jenna, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I would like to travel with Cristiano Ronaldo."

Adnan, Peterborough, England