Smartphone app tests your wee for health problems

Last updated at 17:12
Myshkin Ingawale, copyright TED, Ryan Lash

A smartphone app that can detect medical conditions by looking at your wee has been shown off in Los Angeles, United States.

Urine sample
Your wee can be used to detect a variety of health problems

The app called Uchek tests for 25 different health issues like diabetes, infections and liver problems.

Users dip a special strip of card into their wee and watch it change colour.

Then they take a photo of the strip with their smartphone and the app works out if there's a problem.

The app was invented by Myshkin Ingawale who said: "I wanted to get medical health checks into users' hands."

The app is expected to cost around £13 which includes five test sticks.

The developers hope it will improve healthcare in developing countries.

Beware though - you don't actually wee on your phone!