Nokia reveal new mobile phone that lasts 35 days on a single charge

Last updated at 15:33
Nokia 105 mobile phone. It is a classic style mobile phone with a small screen and alphanumeric keypad. The housing is cyan blue.

If your phone battery is always running out, this could be the gadget for you.

The Nokia 105

Nokia's new mobile phone - called the Nokia 105 - has a battery that can last for 35 days on a single charge!

It's designed for countries where not everybody has access to electricity every day and will first go on sale in places like China and Egypt.

The phone has a small screen so it doesn't use up as much power as a smartphone - and it won't connect to 4G internet to save energy.

But the phone can do all the basics like make calls, send text messages and even play some games.

The tiny handset is expected to cost about £13.