Scottish schools told to not serve beefburgers

Last updated at 15:45
Burgers in a bun

Scottish schools have been told to put a hold on serving beefburgers after one was found to contain traces of horsemeat.

They were found in a frozen burger in a school kitchen in North Lanarkshire.

Lots of testing of school food has occurred since horsemeat was discovered in the UK food chain.

But this is the first time traces have been found in burgers in Scottish schools.

The food company Birds Eye has also removed some beef ready meals from sale in the UK as a precaution, because horse DNA has also been found in one of its products in Belgium.

More test results

The Food Standards Agency - which is responsible for food safety in the UK - has published the results of its latest horsemeat tests.

Over 99% of the 3,600 products tested didn't contain horsemeat - and those that did are no longer being sold.