What do you guys think is the future of computer games?

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Leah reports on the future of gaming

Sony's PlayStation 4 console is officially on its way, but how's it going to fare in today's gaming world?

More and more of us are playing games on tablets and smartphones, so PS4 will have tough competition.

What do you prefer playing your games on? Do you enjoy the in-depth experience that console games give you?

Or do you like having your games ready at your fingertips on your tablet or phone?

Whatever you like best, we want to know!

Here are some of your comments...

"I prefer the PC because although it is more expensive than consoles, the visual graphics are far more better looking."

Rick, London, England

"I prefer tablets because they are portable and easy to carry around!!"

Molly, North Yorkshire, England

"I love playing games on my phone but I hate it when the battery runs low and playing my Xbox is so much easier and more fun!"

Faith, Suffolk, England

"I don't play on either because I like fresh air."

Charlie, West Sussex, England

"I prefer my iPhone because it's a lot easier to transport to places, and the games are a lot cheaper!"

Bobbi, London, England

"I much prefer playing on consoles because they are easier to control and the screens are much bigger."

Tom, Hove, England

"I love the iPad 1, it's really great but out of nowhere so many new tablets come out and I really don't like them so I just carry on with mine."

Mariam, Oldham, England

"My favourite game device is the Samsung Galaxy tab mini. I think it is the best because it is small to carry around and very easy to use. It is really good because you can play on games anywhere and it is not too expensive!"

Libby, Manchester, England

"I prefer my iPhone because it's much easier to get onto like you don't have to go through the whole hassle of logging on and stuff like that and also the controls are also a lot easier on my iPhone than my Xbox."

Zoe, Glasgow, Scotland

"I like playing on my Wii, it may not be as quick as a smart phone, but it gives me so much pleasure, putting the game in, and being able to play with my mates. On a smart phone, I can't play with up to 4 people in most games."

Catherine, Ely, England

"I prefer my PC because I have loads of games on it and I like to play with a mouse and keyboard instead of a joy pad."

Rachel, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

"I prefer to play games on my iPad it's quicker and I don't have to mess around with cables!"

Anum, London, England

"I love the PC! It is the best! My favourite website is CBBC and Newsround!"

Lewis, East Sussex, England

"I like 3d dsi's because you can make new friends and message them as well."

Ayesha, England

"My favourite gaming device is an Xbox 360 because they have kinect which is a fab idea."

Megan, Manchester, England

"My favourite gaming device is my iPad as it is switches on quickly and it is at my fingertips."

Harni, London, England

"My favourite gaming device is Playstation3 because you can download demos and movies plus you can make lots of accounts for friends and family."

Adikalie, London, England

"I love my blackberry because it's got cool games and brilliant apps."

Muna, London, England

"I like my iPod. It's great to play on and listen to music and audio books but it's also nice and small so it will fit in my pocket."

Rose, Nottingham, England

"The computer, because you can make files, do research and play games!!!"

Alice, Barry, Wales

"My favourite is the Kindle Fire HD."

Joe, Romford, England

"My favourite gaming device is a Samsung Tablet 2, I have one and there really good for playing games on and I really enjoy playing on it."

Ruby, East Sussex, England

"I loved all the Playstations, I hope the PS4 is just as good!"

Jasmine, Tyne and Wear, England

"My favourite gaming device is xbox 360. It has everything you need and also it has internet."

Ikram, Los Angeles, USA

"I prefer my games console because it gives you a better gaming experience than a phone or a tablet."

Abdirahman, London, England

"My favourite is Xbox 360 kinect."

Ben, England

"I think tablets are more entertaining because you have a selection of free games that you can add and then once you get bored of them you can then delete them."

Manila, Surrey, England

"I find phone games boring and like properly sitting down in front of a console or PC to play games like Minecraft or New Super Mario Bros."

Adam, London, England

"I love playing on my PS3 and Wii. But playing on my tablet or smartphone allows me to play wherever I am and I prefer that."

Kamaal, Essex, England

"My favourite gaming device is my iPod touch because I can play a wide variety of games including temple run and angry birds."

Deqa, London, England

"I like playing on phones better because you can take them anywhere and download any games and stay connected everywhere. But on Playstations you can only play them at your house and you can't download many games."

Ria, London, England

"Sony Playstation 2 because its had so many great games."

Angel, Glasgow, Scotland

"My favourite gaming device is an iPad."

Aleyna, Nottingham, England

"I normally play on games consoles such as PS Vita or Nintendo Wii because they are dedicated to gaming whereas smartphones and tablets aren't."

Midhat, London, England