Should junk food adverts be banned?

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Joe looks into junk food adverts...

Doctors are calling for a ban on junk food adverts before 9pm in a new plan to tackle obesity.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which represents nearly every doctor in the UK, says the UK has an obesity crisis with a quarter of adults classed as obese and one in three kids leaving primary school overweight.

They also want a limit of the number of fast food outlets near schools and to raise taxes on sugary drinks by up 20 percent.

What do you think?

Should junk food adverts be banned on TV?

Do you think banning the ad will make people buy less junk?

Whatever you think, let us know!

Sorry the chat page is now closed, but here are some of the comments you sent in.

Your comments

"I think they should be banned. They just encourage people to eat bad food and harm their health."

Lucy, Essex, England

"I think fast food and their adverts should not be banned. Even though doctors are just trying to keep us healthy and fit, it has never been their decision on what we eat. Children and adults should be able to choose if they eat junky foods or not, and it will be our dilemma if something happens. Plus, the adverts are a good way of advertising, and it could also be unfair on older children (teens) as they normally stay up later."

Amy, Northampton, England

"You do not need to actually ban junk food, you just can try and eat less of it."

Sonali, London, England

"Taxes won't help with anything except the government getting extra pocket money, but I think ads should be banned. Taxes aren't fair for those who enjoy an occasional burger or sugary drink as a treat."

Katy, Glasgow, Scotland

"I don't think they should ban junk food ads because it wouldn't really make much difference to weather people eat that type of food or not."

Ellie, Norfolk, England

"I think junk food shouldn't be banned because people enjoy eating it but they should only have junk food as a treat not to eat it a lot."

Laura, Wolverhampton, England

"I don't think these adverts should be banned as it is up to people what they want to eat, if they choose to eat these foods then it's their choice and not the government and people who deal with TV adverts, and what you eat is just common sense."

Liam, Peterborough, England

"Yes they should be banned so everyone can be fitter."

Kyla, Essex, England

"I think that we are responsible enough to know not to eat to much junk food and the government should encourage more fitness clubs."

Amy, Essex, England

"I think that the adverts should be banned as they are making us tempted to have one when we don't actually want one, and some of the stuff that's in them is very bad for you."

Michelle, Portsmouth, England

"No because we won't know what the meals are for example if we wanted to know what's new in Burger King and we had to find out by going to Burger King!"

Lucie, Bristol, England

"I think they shouldn't ban it. I agree that it can do harm but banning it is a bit harsh."

Ayesha, Ashford, England

"I think fast food ads should not be banned because everyone loves a treat and even if you stop the ads people will still want one."

Alivia, London, England

"No they should not be banned because people should watch what they eat anyway."

Liam, Warwickshire, England

"It gets people tempted and that's what makes them overweight so I think they should be banned until a suitable time."

Sedinam, London, England

"I think that they should ban them because people are beginning to become obese and fat."

Christiana, London, England

"I think it should be the person's choice whether they want junk food or not. Banning adverts does not make a difference because they can still call the company and make an order."

Sarah, Luton, England

"I think junk food should not be banned because some people are allowed junk food just for a treat."

Maya, New Jersey, U.S.A.

"Instead of a ban on fast food adverts, the government should try their best to encourage people to sign up to fitness clubs."

Aimee, Somerset, England

"I think junk food every so often is OK but people should watch what they eat. If you get rid of junk food ads it won't make a difference."

Morgan, Chesterfield, England

"No, people should be responsible for themselves. I like watching the food ads its better than watching a washing up ad!"

Charlotte, Birmingham, England

"I think they shouldn't ban fast food ads because we should eat what we want and if they want to tackle obesity they should get free gym memberships and fitness clubs."

Saphire, London, England

"I don't think it would make any difference because people will still see the ads after 9 o'clock. That would be mainly people's parents and they would still buy junk food for their kids."

Eireann, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I think all junk food adverts should be banned especially on children's TV channels."

Penny, London, England

"I think people should watch what they are eating but I think it's OK to have a bit of junk food now and then."

Esme, Bristol, England

"I think that although banning fast food adverts is a good idea, I think more people should take responsibility for their weight or children's weight and I think that most of the time it is someone's own fault for being overweight and other people shouldn't have to take responsibility for something that isn't their fault."

Hannah, England

"I think part of the problem is that people with less money buy fast food because it's cheaper. I think they need to reduce the price of good food, not raise the price of bad food."

Sophie, Wisbech, England

"I don't think it should be banned because everyone likes it as a treat."

Charlotte, Cheshire, England

"I think they should be banned as how they advertise it makes viewers want to eat it. As well as this, we don't need them as we can already walk into a McDonalds and try what is new without the aid of an advert to tell us. Everyone knows what a McDonalds is, so why can't they just trust customers to go in and get one themselves?"

Prerna, Birmingham, England

"I think they should not be banned. We are the ones responsible, we should watch what we are eating."

Emma, Oxford, England

"I think it's a good idea, too many of the adverts are junk food adverts and too many people are obese."

Evelyn, London, England

"I think that junk food ads should not be banned because it's our choice on what we eat and what we want to see on our TV ads."

Maria, London, England

"No they shouldn't ban fast food because it's nice to have a little treat every now and then."

Zoe, Southampton, England

"I don't think junk food adverts should be banned on TV because all food is good for you in moderation."

Emma, Hertfordshire, England

"Yes they should because they are encouraging people to buy foods which are high in fat."

Freddie, Yorkshire, England

"I don't think they should be banned but we should eat responsibly. If the government wants to tackle obesity then ban the ads and start free gym memberships."

Chris, Derby, England

"No, my family don't have a lot of money so most of the time we can only afford fast food because it's cheaper. We are always looking for special deals on TV and I'm sure most people must be doing the same."

Aripor, Luton, England

"I think junk food adverts should be banned. I also think that meal deals like selling burgers for 99p should be banned, they might be good prices but it's making people buy more food because it's so cheap."

Suzie, Leeds, England

"I don't thinking banning adverts will make a difference. It they want to make a difference, they need to make fast food places serve healthier foods at a reasonable price so that people get what they want, but just a healthier version of it."

Emily, Alton, England

"We shouldn't ban junk food - it's not what we eat it depends on our lifestyle."

Tami, Essex, England

"No I don't think junk food should be banned because people enjoy it, we just have to watch what we eat."

Ellie, West Bromwich, England

"I think they should be banned. They taste yucky and are really bad for you, but it's also your responsibility to eat the right things."

Molly, Taunton, England

"I think we should watch and eat what we want. Instead of a ban on fast food adverts, the government should try their best to encourage people to sign up to fitness clubs."

Tom, Blackburn, England

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