Are your school PE lessons too easy?

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Ricky's been to a school to find out more

Education inspectors in the UK have told schools to change their PE lessons because they're not tough enough.

They say that more of you need to work up a sweat and that teachers don't know enough about sport.

Inspectors also highlighted that only a few schools play sport at a high level and think it should be more competitive.

However, inspectors say that PE teaching has improved in two-thirds of primary schools and three-quarters of secondary schools compared to four years ago - but they still think more needs to be done.

We asked you if you thought PE lessons are tough enough?

Your comments

"I think my PE lessons are really good, I have 4 PE lessons a week, two being team games and two being personal fitness. My teacher always pushes us to work really hard and 8/10 times we come out of the lesson sweating."

Aimee, Knaresborough, England

"My schools PE lessons are great. Everyone is challenged and it's really fun, we also play matches against other schools on Wednesday and Saturday."

Katie, Gloucestershire, England

"They are too easy in my school because all we do is sport hall athletics!"

Suzie, Douglas, Isle Of Man

"Our PE lessons are rubbish as we do nothing, we have to beg the teachers to play football. We don't even do much, we just slouch around doing nothing and they lack with faculties. I'm not happy at all as I love PE."

Zimby, Birmingham, England

"My PE lessons are really hard! I have them 3 times a week and my teacher really pushes people, everyone is sweating and out of breath by the time we are done."

Veenal, Manchester, England

"In my school we are very competitive. Our head teacher always signs us up for competitions and recently we competed in a swimming gala and came 2nd in athletics."

Evie, Corby, England

"Our PE lessons are far too easy as we are never out of breath."

Meg, Basingstoke, England

"I think that my PE lessons are way too easy and the teachers should give us more exercise."

Megan, Lancashire, England

"I think that PE lessons are too easy as I am never tired or out of breath. They should make them harder so you can be pushed to the best of your abilities!"

Jack, Berkshire, England

"I think our PE lessons are a walk in the park, I never get tired."

Natalie, Eastbourne, England

"We do 45 minute sessions each week in gymnastics then another 45 minute session on either football, hockey or basketball it doesn't always push us to the limit but it still makes us sweat!"

Lucy, Kent, England

"My PE lessons are the most boring in the world I some times have a snooze."

Aarun, London, England

"I don't think our PE lessons are challenging enough; no one is out of breath or sweating at all when we have finished!"

Georgina, England

"I think my PE lessons are far too easy and I would like them much harder."

Jay, Bournemouth, England

"My PE is really boring all that we do is run round in our pumps. There is really no point getting dressed if we only do ten minutes of running."

Daisy, Southport, England

"I think our PE lessons are too easy because our teacher doesn't know enough."

Isobel, Oxfordshire, England

"I think are PE lessons are quite boring, as all we do is yoga and aerobics. I'm a keen runner and enjoy sports but unfortunately I have to do this at a Saturday club."

Sarah, West Midlands, England

"PE is so easy I nearly fall asleep they never use any of the equipment that we have."

Henry, Norfolk, England

"My PE lessons are really hard, and during them I get out of breath!"

Amy, Kettering, England

"My PE lessons are shattering. I do sport 6 times a week and that includes matches, after school and during lunch."

Louis, England

"My PE Lessons are sometimes very tough and leave me out of breath 90 percent of the time."

Ellie, Leeds, England

"I think my school should make our PE lessons better. I would like them to improve it."

Ashleigh, Stoke On Trent, England

"I don't think we should change any of our PE lessons, because by the end of each lesson my friends and I are always SO tired and hot!"

Amy, Liverpool, England

"I don't think they are good enough. Sometimes we only do one 45 minute session a week and quite a lot of our sports clubs have been cancelled like hockey and netball."

Grace, Liverpool, England

"My school's PE lessons are rubbish, half of the time we don't really need to get our PE kits on! Last week we were just waving our hands about to music and none of the boys enjoy it."

Max, Bristol, England

"No, they aren't. One, it's because I only have an hour of PE once a week and two, the teachers don't push us to work up a sweat!"

Bila, Birmingham, England

"I love my PE lessons they are always so challenging and fun! Our PE teacher is definitely qualified because she used to play for the England Netball team!"

Eve, Cheshire, England

"My PE lessons are so hard. We've got a special teacher for PE and he really pushes us to the limit, not always in a good way!"

Sarah, London, England

"Our PE lessons are fun and some are quite hard and leave me quite tired."

Joseph, Leeds, England

"I think that my PE lessons are too easy as when we do football all we do is play little 5 minute games."

Ronnie, Doncaster, England

"My school is very good with PE, we have it three times a week and get all the fitness we need."

Beth, Norfolk, England