Has the horsemeat scandal affected you?

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The Food Standards Agency, who are in charge of making sure food sold in the UK is safe and of good quality, have begun a huge investigation.

The group says they will be looking at several businesses that process meat which is sold in the UK, and that they will "not stop until there is nothing left to find".

The horsemeat scandal has had many people feeling that they cannot trust what is in their food, and some local butchers say they've seen their sales jump up.

Has the scandal changed what you eat? Do you worry you have eaten something that had horsemeat in it? Or are you not bothered by it and just eating as normal?

Your comments

"I don't mind eating horse meat. If horse meat was cheaper than beef or chicken, I would have it."

Tom, Hove, England

"I love horses and couldn't bear to eat them. It's made my family really careful about what we buy."

Emilia, Somerset, England

"The horse meat scandal has definitely changed what I eat! I love horses and to think of the animal I adore the most could end up on my dinner plate makes me feel sick!"

Kate, Plymouth, England

"I think that it is disgraceful that there is horse meat in beef products. People trust the supermarkets to give them what they have paid for and considering many people keep horses as pets, I find it horrific. I don't usually eat beef anyway but this has definitely put me off eating it."

Annabel, Berkhamsted, England

"The horse meat scandal hasn't affected me as I don't eat processed meat or ready meals but I think it's horrible that the supermarkets and factories have been lying to us."

Sofia, Watford, England

"The horse meat has not affected me because it's just like any meat, you can't even taste it."

Steven, Somerset, England

"I love meat however the first time I heard about the horse meat being put into meat products I was eating spaghetti bolognaise and was really put off. I have made a decision that I will no longer eat any processed meat. Although it breaks my heart to say it I just can't trust anything to do with food anymore!"

Megan, Newport, South Wales

"I was ok until in school it went round saying our school had been serving it. Now for Lent I'm giving up meat."

Kaitlyn, Cambridgeshire, England

"Although I am annoyed that suppliers have lied to us I don't get what all the fuss is about. Before they found traces of horse meat we couldn't tell the difference! Plus we eat cow, pig and lots of other animals so why can't we eat horse?"

Zoe, Glasgow, Scotland

"I didn't really care when it was first announced but now lots more products have been announced to have horse meat in them, it's put me off eating beef."

Andrew, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think it's not right because I have pet horses and when I found out beef burgers were made out of horse meat I became a vegetarian."

Aziz, Haslingden, England

"To be honest I don't really see what all the fuss is about! There's no difference really, taste wise, between horse and beef. As long as it tastes nice, I don't care what I eat!"

Daisy, Berkshire, England

"It is a disgrace, not because of what it contains but because they lied to us!"

George, Leicestershire, England

"I understand people's opinions and the company was out of order saying it was beef when it was horse. People are saying they are not eating meat anymore because the meat they found was horse, but they would eat chickens, cows and pigs!"

Abbi-Leigh, Manchester, England

"I think it is really bad, horses can be a pet. We would not eat a dog or a cat so why should we eat a horse."

Jamie, Dorset, England

"I understand people are hurt and angry at the suppliers but everyone makes mistakes! I was shocked but now I just ensure I eat meat from a butchers shop!"

Shannon, Bristol, England

"The horsemeat scandal has not affected the way I eat in the slightest, seeing as I am a vegetarian and don't eat any animals. To be honest I don't really see what all the fuss is about - at the end of the day the people who bought the meat products probably didn't notice any difference in the taste of it and the tester people said that the horsemeat was safe to eat, so they needn't really worry, even though it was wrong that the companies sold the horsemeat. Surely it doesn't make that much of a difference which animal the person is actually eating as long as it is safe and they like the taste of it?!"

Briana, Norfolk, England

"I think it's horrible and it makes you not want to eat any beef because you're scared if it has got other meat in it!"

Rebecca, Sheffield, England

"It sickens me that these people would lie about what is in our food products. Can we no longer trust our suppliers if they're going to lie to us like they do?"

Jenna-Marie, Ely, England

"I don't think it's changed how I eat meat because countries like France eat horse meat so it can't be that bad. But I think it's not good how they have lied by saying it's beef when it's actually horse meat."

Jayden, Buckinghamshire, England

"I have become aware of what i want to eat. I love horses and i would do anything to protect them!"

Meme, Birmingham

"I think the scandal will encourage people to be more careful."

Jenna, Wales

"It has affected me in such a way that I can't trust meat brands anymore and have had to become a vegetarian. It has put off most of my family too. It's not right!"

Chantal, Barry, Cardiff