Should all school kids in England learn cooking?

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A healthy dinner

The government wants to make food and nutrition lessons compulsory for all 7 to 14-year-olds in England.

It would be part of a plan to get children eating more healthily.

The new National Curriculum for 7 to 14-year-olds places more emphasis on improving your skills in the kitchen.

We wanted to know what you think. Here's a selection of your comments:

Your comments...

"I think that every child should be taught how to cook as it is an essential life skill. It could also help stop obesity if people cook instead of getting a takeaway."

Emily, Hampshire, England

"I think having compulsory cookery lessons at school is a good idea. Not only can it teach children to be healthy but it can also show them how to be safe when cooking at home. Plus, it can prepare them for when they are older, when they have to take care of themselves."

Catherine, Cambridgeshire, England

"I don't think they should make little kids make their own meals as they can hurt themselves. Kids from 10 and older should start learning how to cook though."

Ruby, Norwich, England

"Cooking should be compulsory in school because it's always useful in life no matter what age!"

Corinne, Warrington, England

"I think all children should be taught how to cook so they don't rely on their parents all the time."

Bev, Retford, England

"I think food and nutrition should be taught to everyone as you can learn how to be safe with food and will gain good skills for when you're older."

Rebekah, Hampshire, England

"I think we should have a choice to learn how to cook because the expense of cooking might be too much for parents to pay."

Megan, Reading, England

"I think that it's up to the kids parents to teach children how to cook not the schools."

Chris, Cumbria, England

"People should be taught how to cook because we can help reduce obesity and get a better idea on how to cook nutritious healthy food instead of process food."

Emma, Slough, England

"I think it's a fantastic idea! Many young people don't have a clue about how to cook and this would give them the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals, resulting in them being much more self-reliant and independent in the future which is a great thing!"

Vicky, Devon, England

"I think all kids should be taught how to cook because it is an essential life skill for when you are all grown up and living on your own."

Tilly, Nottingham, England

"I think children should learn to cook because they will learn what's healthy and they could also help their parents in the kitchen."

Anna, London, England

"I think they should teach kids how to cook because in later life they will know how to cook healthy, nutritious meals. When I did cooking in year 7 I learnt how to cook healthy blueberry muffins which tasted great!"

Abigail, Telford, England

"I don't think this is a good idea because the lessons you spend on doing cookery could be spent improving your maths or English, which in the long run, are much more important. If people want to do it, it should be their choice not compulsory."

Jade, Liverpool, England