Millions of people celebrate Chinese New Year

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What is Chinese New Year?

Hundreds of millions of people across Asia and the rest of the world have been welcoming in the Chinese New Year.

Amazing midnight firework displays in Beijing marked the start of the year of the snake.

Last year was the year of the dragon, there are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar with each one meaning different things.

The year of the snake is thought to bring wisdom, beauty and intelligence but also pride and anger.

Chinese New Year is celebrated at the start of the new lunar year, which is based on the start of a new moon.

In China the holiday is celebrated for a week, and schools and businesses close so people can spend time with their families.

There's traditional food too - noodle soup is supposed to bring luck, and people make dumplings with lucky coins inside.

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We wanted to know if you were celebrating and loads of you got in touch!

Your comments

"My class are having a go with chopsticks."

Evie, North Yorkshire, England

"Me and my family are having a BIG buffet with Chinese food and sticky white rice yum yum!"

Luke, North Yorkshire, England

"I am making paper chains with all the animals celebrated for Chinese New Year."

Nimra, Oldham, England

"At my school they are selling fortune cookies and prawn crackers. I also have some homework about Chinese New Year to hand in tomorrow."

Emily, Reading, England

"At school we are doing a Chinese dragon dance in a special assembly."

Rosa, Slough, England

"At my school we're having Chinese food school dinners. And the older ones are dressing up as dragons!"

Katie, Grantham, England

"My family are celebrating by baking a dragon cake."

Tiana, Southampton, England

"I am celebrating my Chinese New Year by making a Chinese dragon puppet."

Arran, Coventry, England

"I am celebrating the Chinese New Year with a Chinese New Year play at my school!"

Arooj, Birmingham, England

"We are going to have a big Chinese dinner with all of the family and we are going to get some fortune cookies and read them out all together!"

Kira, Wolverhampton, England

"Me, my mum and my brother are going to light lanterns and make a wish and send them into the sky."

Tegan, Nairnshire, Scotland

"I am celebrating Chinese New Year by going to China for the holidays and watching how they celebrate it."

Samantha, Oxford, England

"I am Chinese so my family and I are going to our friends house, with other Chinese people. We're going to eat dumplings and noodles and receiving red pockets!"

Rachel, Kent, England

"We are going to Chinatown and going to have a big feast!! We're also going to have a parade around our garden!"

Anna, London, England

"I handed out fortune cookies to my class and had a Chinese dinner with my family."

Hayley, East Kilbride, Scotland

"I'm going to a party with my friends and after we are going to go watch some fireworks."

Selin, London, England

"We're going into Manchester to see the dragon! We're looking forward to celebrating and eating Chinese food."

Daniel and Rebecca, Manchester, England

"We are having rice, sweet and sour chicken, ice cream and fortune cookies!"

Ruby, North Yorkshire, England

"We're going to Chinatown, then coming back home for some traditional Chinese food. We do this every year, and this year is great because it is the year of the snake, my year!"

Amy, Liverpool, England

"My school is celebrating by having a Chinese New Year art day based on the snake."

Adeen, Wakefield, England

"At school I'm tasting Chinese food and wearing something red."

Amber, Milton Keynes, England

"At my school we are dressing up and we are eating lots of Chinese food in the afternoon."

Josie, Winchester, England

"I'm planning to celebrate Chinese new year by going to Chinatown and making spring rolls and noodle dishes."

Jacob, Manchester, England

"At school we are going to make Chinese dragons."

Nimrah, Manchester, England

"I'm having a Chinese meal at home with chopsticks and setting off lanterns in the sky. I'm also getting red envelopes with money in to bring luck!"

Lily, Sheffield, England

"I am having a giant feast with my family, it is going to be epic."

Chelsea, Luton, England

"We are having noodles for tea."

Jake, Cumbria, England

"We are going to a Chinese buffet near us for lunch and our Grandpa bought us fortune cookies to open afterwards."

Isabel and Noah, Winchester, England

"I am going to see a Chinese parade!"

Hannah, London, England

"It's my 8th birthday and I'm having a tea party."

Caitlin, Rotherham, England

"I am spending Chinese New Year with my family and we will eat lots of Chinese food!"

Rosa, Essex, England

"My family are going to dress up in Chinese outfits and have Chinese curry for dinner."

Chloe, Penrith, England

"I probably won't be celebrating but I did get my friend a Chinese New Year present. I love all the colourful dragons!"

Amie, Leeds, England

"I got some red envelopes. I've been watching a Chinese New Year special (on a Chinese programme) and I'm having noodles for breakfast!"

Isaac, Essex, England

"I watched the celebrations on the internet and they looked amazing, I wish I was there!"

Hannah, South Powys, Wales

"We are making decorations and then going to Newcastle for Chinese New Year celebrations."

Ella, County Durham, England

"I am going to celebrate Chinese New Year by going to my friends birthday party."

Eddie, Greater Manchester, England