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Pictures: Strange foods from around the world

Check out Newsround's photo gallery of strange foods from around the world.
In France, many butcher's shops, like this one, sell horsemeat to customers. Lots of people around the world eat food that we wouldn't.
A man leaving a butcher's shop in France which sells horsemeat
People in the UK have been shocked to learn that a brand of beef lasagne was found to contain 100% horsemeat. However, in other countries, eating horsemeat is quite common.
Findus beef lasagne
In Korea, it is seen as a delicacy to eat octopus....while it is still alive!
An octopus
Kopi Luwak is the rarest, most expensive coffee in the world. It comes from Indonesia, where a cat-like creature called the Luwak eats - and poos out - coffee beans, which are then turned into the smelly stuff grown-ups drink. Eurgh!
Kopi Luwak
In Cambodia, a country in Asia, tarantulas are fried with garlic and salt and served to tourists in the town of Skuon.
A tarantula
Only the bravest people in Japan will try the ultimate delicacy - the deadly Puffer fish, or fugu. Its skin and insides contain a poisonous toxin which means only the most skilled chefs are allowed to cook it.
A puffer fish
Back to Korea, where some people eat dog meat. It's more commonly eaten during the summer months and is either roasted, or put into soups or stews.
dog meat