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Pictures: Household gadgets of the past!

The first electric toaster and a mobile phone from 1983 are featured in a new archive aiming to bring together photographs of the gadgets from the past.
This is an aluminium hairdryer from 1925 - it had two heat settings and a wooden handle. The first electric hairdryer was invented in 1890 by a French salon owner.
Hairdryer from 1925
William Henry Hoover bought the legal rights to the vacuum cleaner in 1908. Here is his first version that was sold being used here back in the 1920s.
Woman using a vacuum cleaner in the 1920s
How mobile phones have changed! This is the DynaTAC 800x portable phone - it offered 30 minutes of talk time or eight hours on standby. It was launched in 1983 and cost £2,553!
Portable telephone
The electric washing machine dates back to 1906. The Thor Electric Washing Machine and Mangle, pictured, is from 1927 and was one of the first models to feature an electric dolly which "agitated" the washing rather than the tub tumbling it around.
Washing machine from 1927
The "tin stove" television was designed in 1930, but it sold only about 1,000 sets as it was cheaper to buy a DIY TV kit. The first broadcasts went out in 1929.
Television set
Back in 1980, this computer was pretty hi-tech! It was called a Commodore VIC-20 8-bit. But what about that boys hat?!
Commodore VIC-20 8 bit home computer
Can you guess what this is? It's the first electric toaster that sold well. The D12 was launched in 1909. You had to take out the toast with your fingers though!
Toaster from 1909
Check out this dishwasher from the 1960s! It's part of a new archive of pictures from the past by the website Historypin, working together with npower and Mirrorpix. The first dishwasher was around in the 1880s, but they didn't become common in homes until the 1970s.