Computer program uses newspapers to predict future

Last updated at 15:19
Old Newspaper archives can reveal more about the future

Scientists in America reckon they've developed a computer program which can predict the future - using old newspapers!

The program has been made to try and predict events like riots and the outbreak of diseases.

It takes old information from an American newspaper and other websites and uses it with information about the world from today.

So far, it's been right about 70-90% of the time.

One example the researchers have used was a drought that hit Bangladesh in 1973.

A year later, the country suffered from an outbreak of the disease Cholera.

Ten years later, exactly the same thing happened in Bangladesh, with a drought in 1983 and a Cholera outbreak in 1984.

So the guys who have created the machine say it will learn from the past and can warn of things like a Cholera outbreak if a drought was to hit again.