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Pictures: Hedgehog Hibernation Survey is launched

The health of the UK's hedgehogs is the key concern for a survey launched after worries that their numbers are falling in the UK.
The health of UK hedgehogs is the focus of a survey launched this month by the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The survey began because there are worries their numbers are falling in the UK.
Hedgehog watches a snail
According to ten years of surveys by PTES, hedgehog numbers are falling by 3-5% every year. Since 2001, numbers have dropped by more than a third which led to the first survey of hibernation habitats last year.
Hedgehog amongst beetroot plants
The six-month survey asks people to make a note when they see hedgehogs to find out more about where they are living. The charities also say people can help by building special hedgehog homes in their gardens so they animals have somewhere safe to go.
A purpose built hedgehog home.
People have helped scientists learn more about how hedgehogs act. In this photograph a mother relocates its hoglet baby using its mouth, something that has never been captured before.
Mother hedgehog relocating hoglets
The charity PTES hedgehog says that cat food, seeds and dried fruit are the best food for hedgehogs to eat.
Appropriate food for a hedgehog
PTES Chief Executive Officer Jill Nelson is calling on more people to help with the hedgehog watch survey this year. Last year 2,000 people took part.
Young hedgehog
The first Hedgehog Hibernation Survey collected 45,000 sightings of the animals from the general public. They want more up-to-date information this year to help them understand more about hedgehogs.
Hedgehog snuffles the ground