Comments: Do you speak another language at home or school?

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New figures from the 2011 census suggest Polish is the second most common language spoken in England and Wales.

The study revealed that there are now more than half a million people who speak Polish as their first language.

Most people speak English as their main language - with 92% speaking it as their mother tongue.

But there are lots of other languages being spoken too, such as Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic.

The census is a big study taken every ten years that helps us learn more about our country and how we live.

Results from the 2011 census showed that:

  • There's been a rise in the number of Polish speakers to 546,000 people.
  • The number of people who speak Welsh has fallen to 562,000.
  • There are 138,000 people living in England and Wales who don't speak English at all.

We asked you about the different languages you speak, here are some of your comments.

Your comments

"Welsh is my first language and everyone in my family speaks welsh too. I think if people come to live in Wales they should learn to speak Welsh so it doesn't become extinct."

Carys, Llanelli, Wales

"I speak English, Arabic, Algerian and French."

Nada, Newcastle, England

"I can speak excellent English and I can speak a bit of German, Welsh, Latin and French."

Alanna, Pontypool, Wales

"I speak to my mum and dad in Somali and sometimes English."

Elham, Birmingham, England

"I speak English and I'm good at German and Spanish. My mum is very good at speaking German."

Abby, Chesterfield, England

"I can speak fluent English however I can speak other languages such as Arabic and French."

Rayan, London, England

"I speak English and a bit of Arabic, Urdu and Gujarati."

Maria, Bolton, England

"I speak three languages: Dutch, English and Somali. I think it's very interesting that people speak other languages beside English."

Amina, Cardiff, Wales

"Hebrew is my first language, though I am now better at speaking English than Hebrew! I still speak Hebrew with my family and to anyone else who can, because its the language I grew up with. I don't know what I'd do if I could only speak English!"

Ester, Leeds, England

"I am fluent in English and Irish and I'm learning Spanish at school."

Laoise, Belfast, N Ireland

"I speak fluent English and Spanish and a bit of Portuguese."

Diego, Kent, England

"I speak quite a few languages! Other than English, I speak Swiss German (I come from Switzerland), German, and I am learning Spanish and French at school."

Julia, London, England

"I speak English, French and Spanish fluently because my mum is Spanish and my dad is French and I have lived in England since I was born."

Alice, London, England

"I speak Hindi which is Indian."

Mehr, London, England

"I speak Chinese at home and English at school! It's great as people ask you lots of questions about the language!"

Mandy, London, England

"I speak English, Pashto and Urdu but I mostly speak English."

Laila, Cardiff, Wales